27 Feb, 2014

I left to Paris. By train. I miss Parisian air, ravaged people, and hats … Trocadero. With my purse on the shoulder, the scarf gently hanging on my back and wearing the biggest sun glasses, I went to the city if […]


07 Nov, 2013

I’m back. I had one more week to stay in Brighton. Every weekend we used to make a trip. We’ve been in Paris, Amsterdam and Edinburgh. There were school trips; we were travelling in a rented bus, stayed for two nights, […]

I have been living in England for over 4 years. I remember when I landed here, knowing nothing, but full of thoughts, expectations and mostly questions. I left home with tears in my eyes only for a month to attend an […]

Ten little aeroplanes

26 Sep, 2013

Again on my way to the airport, luggage, check-ins, waiting. Nothing seems interesting anymore, nothing new. I always have lots of luggage, lucky to have frequent flyer mileage so I don’t have to pay extra, I never have security check problems, […]


04 Sep, 2013

As of the plane begins to land, on the small window I can feel the heat of Istanbul. Buildings are not very tall, however their color and shape are absolutely fascinating for me. Anyhow, this is a very little detail, if […]


17 Aug, 2013

Good morning Saturday. I’ve been up on my feet since 6 a.m., I just cannot sleep longer. I’m not myself yet, jet legging has its say on this. Yesterday morning, I started taking out my suitcases, so that I can do […]

On my way home

15 Aug, 2013

And here I am, at the airport. Another closed chapter, I’m heading home once more. Anywhere I’d go and anything I’d do, I’ll always turn back home, because there it’s my life. I’m a Romanian, I’m proud of that, but I […]

Bye Bye Beijing

09 Aug, 2013

My last day in Beijing has been slightly different from the last ones. The first 3 days have been full, sightseeing, shopping and meetings. Big rush, cabs, addresses, shirts and costumes. Leaving all these aside, visiting was the most interesting thing […]

To Beijing

06 Aug, 2013

It’s been some time since I last wrote something, but this is not because I did not wish to do so, but because I did not have the time. I wrote down some phrases on various notebooks, however I cannot develop […]

Marry Go Round

29 Jul, 2013

Yesterday  I did nothing interesting or productive. I believe it has been one usual Sunday. I’ve started to feel much better in this town, to find it more familiar. I woke up pretty late, around 11, I had a meeting at […]