Good morning Saturday. I’ve been up on my feet since 6 a.m., I just cannot sleep longer. I’m not myself yet, jet legging has its say on this. Yesterday morning, I started taking out my suitcases, so that I can do some packing. I don’t do things like a normal human being, who comes after a long flight, a night spent in – between airplanes and with the time wasted in airports, who should stay and sleep and get back on his feet. I laid my head on the pillow for around 3 – 4 hours, of which half I have actually slept. In my head I was trying to make a note on what I should take with me, so as not to waste too much time with the luggage. It’s been really nice to wake up and have all my family next to me. I finally did not sleep alone, and it seemed that having missed him so much, I stayed and looked at him amazed, in the dark, to notice every single detail that I had so long missed. I woke up with my hair rampled, on the table there was my breakfast. Everyone was there to welcome me in the morning. Love and happiness were the feelings floating around me at that time. I was feeling really well: my bed, my place at the table, the smell of my home and the people I mostly loved, everthing was there, I was finally home. I could see in their eyes the happiness of seeing me. I didn’t have too much time to be glad about all these things, because fuss began and I was running against the clock, we had to leave for Constanta. With my favourite playlist in the loudspeakers, my coffee, my sun glasses and of course with my car loaded with luggage, happy and with a big smile on my face I headed to the highway.

My summer ends at the seaside.

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