Marry Go Round

Yesterday  I did nothing interesting or productive. I believe it has been one usual Sunday. I’ve started to feel much better in this town, to find it more familiar. I woke up pretty late, around 11, I had a meeting at 2 p.m., which went pretty well. I haven’t learnt what I actually wanted, but all in all it was ok. After that, I started walking. I don’t know why, but it seemed as if I was floating. I had so many options, so many people to meet in order to have lunch, but most of all, to walk by myself. I went for a little while at the mall,  I haven’t bought anything much, I was not in my shopping mood. I sat down at a terrace, next to a merry go round. I was absolutely fascinated about it. I found it really inventive to build a merry – go – round at the entrance of a shopping mall. Everybody stopped to take pictures, to analyze and most of all, to recall one’s childhood. I had some flashes of the time I was a child and went with my parents and friends, being very happy at that time, to play in all these kinds of stuff and eat candy floss. God, how good it was, and how good it is every time I have the chance to eat one!


I believe the time I spent here really helped me to get to know me better, to remember the good stuff in my life and most of all, to learn how to appreciate simple things even more, as such simple things happen to each and every one of us. I believe we are always in a hurry, we run from one place to another, we forget what is of the essence. We don’t allot any time for the small happy moments of life, we tend to become more and more insensitive. We no longer know how to smile when we walk in the street, we no longer see the grass around us, we no longer smell the flowers. I’m also included in this particular description. And now I realize how many beautiful things I have missed due to my crazy wish to do as many things as possible, in the attempt not to waste a single minute of my life for any such stupid things. They are not stupid! These small things are the ones that make your life beautiful, relax you and enjoy your soul if you take them into account. We go round and round within a classical mechanism that is full of numbers. We forget about art, music, of reading a good book. So, I sit and wonder where will all this rush go to? Until when?


Just stop for a minute from anything you do every day and reflect. It’s not worthy to have your life go pass you by without your enjoying the small pleasures that everyone can afford. Go by yourself or take your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife / friends, a bottle of wine, a good book, a blanket and lie on the grass, anywhere you may please. Just look at the sky and feel the oxygen, that’s all! /

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