On my way home

And here I am, at the airport. Another closed chapter, I’m heading home once more. Anywhere I’d go and anything I’d do, I’ll always turn back home, because there it’s my life. I’m a Romanian, I’m proud of that, but I feel sick of having to get back into my own country. And I know I’m going to be judged for what I’m saying right now, however I cannot be at least bothered. It’s years that we’ve been struggling to build a highway, politicians keep on fighting on TV, VIPs are already pamphlets, you learn more grammer if you use the Facebook all day than if you watch our national television channels. It is true that there are some channels that are really worth our appreciations. There are whole weeks in a raw that I don’t turn my TV on because it seems to me it’s just a waste of time. All relevant news is online you have the possibility to choose what you wish to reach and what you don’t. 5 p.m. news is all about drama, rapes and accidents. But that’s what sells really well here in Romania, and everything is our fault, including mine. I’m not going to be a hypocrite and I’m going to admit it, a few years ago I was a fan of trendy stuff, as well as the tittle – tattle of the day, I found them really interesting and I was part of the group of those checking what’s new at midnight. I do thank God I woke up.

I shall miss China, even if I often felt like it was suffocating, crowded, a lot of dirt and rout. Although they are way behind us when we talk about education and good manners, they are way ahead of us in terms of the economic and administrative matters. Now, it depends on what I’m referring at when talking about education, because the educational system in Romania is awful. And it’s not only the teachers’ or the students’ fault, but everyone’s fault, from the very young to the oldest. From a very early age, we are being set some limits, I do remember how we used to learn like stupid people some very long essays and commentaries. And what for? Who is the one recalling all these? All I can vaguely remember at this moment are: Harap Alb, a fairy tale, in terms of comedy I remember Caragiale and that’s all about there is to it. Because I have learnt all the others mechannically, for that nasty term paper. We haven’t been given the opportunity to think freely, to improvise, to create, to develop. When I reached London and had to write my first essay, I was asking for sketches, definitions and structures. Everyone was staring at me, but I was feeling even more at a loss. Because my limits had their say, my mind was blocked and I could not see further beyond the limit that had been clearly traced in my head from the very nursery age. In my 4 academic years I believe I have learnt maximum 10 theories, and that’s because I wanted to learn, not because anyone would have asked me to do so in any examination or oral examination. I know I’m very revolted, but I strongly wish that at one given moment in time, something would change. Chine taught me that it is not the number that counts, but the efficiency.

Each country with its own snags, that’s normal. However, it just seems that our country has too many such snags. And we are still unable to learn, find or borrow the necessary ointment. We better sit and gossip and talk and analyze what one and another one does, then actually try and change something. We all talk about dirt, recycling, pollution, education, meanness and a number of other facts. But hardly do we shut our mouth that we start doing exactly what minutes before we used to say it was awful and that we could not find an explanation as to how, where and why.

I have a deep appreciation for the people who get involved in a number of projects, research work and who try to move forward, both for themselves, as well as for our country, for all of us. And do believe me, we haven’t the slightest idea of who those people are, because they do not show up on TV, they are not heard on the radio. They are anonimous and they got my admiration for that! And even if I haven’t done much so far, I set my mind as to this being like a new chapter for me. One way or another, together we can change something.

Off to Amsterdam!

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