One part of Shanghai

Almost half asleep and with my eyes half closed, I have finally left the office. Of course it takes ages to find a cab, but in the end I get one, because I’ve been a little bit more alert and while everyone else were desperately waving, I quicly got on a cab.
I didn’t even have my coffee, so..I put my head on the rear bench – type seat, I set the alarm after 30 minutes (that’s how long you stay in traffic in Shanghai in the morning). And when I was just about to fall asleep, only the sun  was actually making me nervous, I suddenly hear the words “ You wish to leave, but you don’t take me with you…”. I got up I wasn’t sure if I was hearing and seeing straight. One Chinese man, who speaks no other foreign language, only the Mandarine, was listening to and even saying the words in his own world, of a lovely and well known tune of Ozone namely “Dragostea din tei”. He sees that I liked it and plays the tune once more… we understand each other by signs and waving, one single smile has been enough to make him understand that this is how he could wake me up in the morning. But that’s the whole charm, isn’t it?
Such a nice beginning of a morning, let’s see what will happen next.. “Alo…Sunt eu…” (Hello,…. It’s me…)


Today I have lived a completely new experience. During my lunch break that lasts for one hour I have decided to eat in the Chinese restaurant in the office building. Naturally no waiter speaks English, so we understand each other by signs and by using Google Translate. I began eating and realized that no one had any napkins. Therefore, I asked for one. Don’t imagine that was simple. I could not show it to them, the English was not something for him to understand, the translation was probably not so efficient, therefore I wasn’t even a little bit successful. I took him to the kitchen, where I have finally found a napkin. I was very happy that I had finally found what I had been looking for. I was so smiley when the waiter took it from my hand and started saying “No… no”, I couldn’t understand what was going on. The same story once again, he was speaking Chinese, I was speaking English. My luck has been a very kind lady who started translating for me. The waiter tried to tell me that I had to pay 1 RMB for the napkin.
and that’s how I wasted 20 minutes of my lunch break…

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