Thursday, Shanghai

My advanture in Shanghai goes on. Now, I’m sitting on the sofa, with my laptop on my lap and I felt like writing. I was watching the thousands of lights that can be seen in the buildings around me and I felt like writing. When I reached home I was in the mood for Romanian food, but I passed. Now, I’m writing.

Today I had a full day once again. Last evening I slept for only two hours, since I had a great time at a party till morning. When I went to bed, the sun was already in the sky. Honestly, I don’t even know why I bothered to go to sleep, since I got up feeling more tired and dizzier than before. But I just had to go to work. How strange that sounds!. I come to think why was it that I had always wanted to grow up, to “be a big girl”. Childhood is the most beautiful part of our lives. And I’m not talking about today’s childhood, when children growing up over night haven’t the slightest idea of how to enjoy almost anything. I refer to jogging in bare feet in our grandma’s yard, riding the bike and the hours we spent trying to put the chain back in its place, all those moments that every one of us has lived in his unique way. I’m very happy to have had an extraordinary childhood next to my cousins, who were twins. I was the youngest, I was alone, they were two. But I never let them be only the two of them, I always took part in all important moments. The most difficult part has been to say goodbye to our crazy childhood, when they went to school and I had to wait one more year. I remember even today, I was dressed in a pink outfit, and I was crying leaning on the radior next to the teacher’s desk, because they were going some place without me: they were stepping in the 1st form. I didn’t give up until I stayed between them in the desk and we took a picture. Now I long for watching our pictures, the memories we have shared, the feelings we have had. Time has passed so quickly, I don’t even know when and how, but one of them I have just met this summer. In addition to the close connection between us, we have also added something that is much stronger. Yes, I know, this time too I had to be between them, with them….

I deviated from the subject, but instead of talking about my work, it’s much more pleasant to talk about my childhood. When I chose to come here, I don’t even remember why I came here. But I do believe some things need no such explanation whatsoever. Anyhow I did a very good thing, I found out today when I went to my first official business meeting in my entire life. And it was not one on business purposes, it has been for me, for my future. I was nervous, I used to keep the business card very tightly in my hand, I had to look serious, to know how to talk about things and not to lose myself within the process. I knew I could handle this. Being in a cab, I was analyzing everything once again, I was telling the “Speech” in my mind one more time, when I saw that my skirt’s hem line had gotten loose. I believe I was only 200 meters away from my destination, I had only 5 minutes at my disposal and I paniced. 10 seconds later I started laughing. I realized that not everyone was paying attention to the details, and most of all anyone could have thought that was actually the model. I got off the cab, I breathed in and entered. Everything went really perfect. I have completely forgotten about the hem line. I don’t even recall what the people next to me were wearing, since I wanted to memorize each and every single word and be able to give the proper answer. I left that meeting with a smile on my face, being satisfied with myself. It was for the first time that I felt I entered the business world at 23.

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