Wednesday, Shanghai

Today I’ve done nothing, I just went for a walk. I’ve finally found that good excuse for the work and took advantage of it. I was so happy last night when I went to bed thinking that I could sleep as long as I wished the following morning. Well, it wasn’t like that, I got up at 8. I struggled to get back to sleep again, however I failed in my attempt to do so.  I got up, pulled the curtains, the sun was lighting the entire room. It had been so dark before. It took me so little time to decide what to wear today and it seemed I looked better than in any other such day. Strange thing. I went out to explore the city. So far I haven’t seen it in the daylight during the week. I felt great, you could have said it was for the first time when I saw everthing in a different light. I really can’t stand the heat and it’s terribly hot here, but at that time I felt nothing at all. I was so small and happy in such a big city. My smile tended to vanish when I thought of the people I had at home, particularly my husband. I miss him so much. But then I took my phone and called and I felt closer to him and to the people I care for.

I sat down on a terrace, with two good friends of mine. We ate, we gossipped, naturally, what would 3 women around the table be doing!?. When I looked at my watch and saw that it was already 1 p.m. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. In that huge office, time passes so slowly and now, it was as if I were unable to accept that it was only a little bit and my free time will be over. Non – signficant. My attention has been drawn by something else today. I was walking for a couple of hours, I have no idea how time flew by me. I got inside a number of shops, I don’t even recall how many streets I walked on, from door to door. However the accessories stores from here have absolutely dazzled me. I have stayed so long, I have analyzed each bracelet, each chain, each pair of earrings. It was as if every one of them was telling me a story. I used to take them in my hand and started to imagine, what clothes, what shoes and most of all what location, where and how I could have worn them. I was absolutely fascinated. I didn’t even know what to buy, what would better suit me, what colour, what size. The shop assistants were all so nice, that I kept on smiling for an hour and a half, for as long as I stayed there. When I placed my hand on something, they used to take it out for me from their small drawers and they got back with 10 more items, in different colours and shapes. In addition to my having a hard time deciding on what to choose, they were making it even more complicated. I used to try them on, look at myself in the mirror and immediately see on their faces if they liked it or not. I was very much impressed by the fact that they were not the type of selling their goods as fast as they could. They also wanted me to be happy and to make a perfect choice in terms of something that suits me. I loved to see them smiling, and I belive they liked that too, or at least that’s what I got from their signs.

Eventually I left the shops, but I think I looked back 2 – 3 times to take a picture in my mind as related to every single detail. Anyway, I know it for sure that I shall be back.

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