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Life in Chelsea

29 Nov, 2015

  What have I learned after living in Chelsea?   It is so strange that I lived for almost 7 years in London, but I only started to understand British culture or British people, or maybe just the real life in […]


24 May, 2014

I thank God I was born a woman.   Although most couples want boys to perpetuate their name or for other reasons, on 6th of March 1990 I came into this world: half Romanian, half Macedonian. I might say this is the […]

Late at night

15 May, 2014

5 o’clock in the morning. My phone was ringing.  I was too sleepy to answer so I put it on silent mode than I turned on the other side of the bed. Squinting out the window I could see the moon. […]


29 Apr, 2014

About you my dear. About a mistress. Since I know her (and I’ve known her for a while) she had this statute. I don’t know how she had been before I met het but as far as she told me: the […]

Do you know?

21 Mar, 2014

Honestly, I don’t know how to begin this. Anyway, I’ll just say it: I have a new baby sister. My mother wasn’t pregnant and you didn’t hear about it and a child did not appear from I don’t know where. Lately, […]

There are people who want to hurt you. I don’t know whether intentionally or not but some of them make a purpose out of this. You are permanently in their thoughts, you are their only idea and they are stuck – […]


16 Mar, 2014

That moment when you want some peace, when your head is just whizzing, you can not see well, you stop hearing things and you can’t even more your lips. The pain in the heart is the greatest. Failure is killing you […]

Title – absent

14 Mar, 2014

I said it so many times but I will say it again: sometimes we are so different that we are alike. It sounds strange, I know, but I’ve reached the conclusion that we can create categories to catalogue people. One more […]

Cheated woman

28 Feb, 2014

I am very much amused by the way women think before it happened to them: “I will not accept it, if he cheats on me I’m out. I don’t understand how she can live in the same house with him after […]

First of all what is ambition? That crazy desire to succeed, achieve success and especially the desire of being different. It’s the thing that makes you want to achieve your goal, to do something special. Ambition is the thing that makes […]