10th of August

I’m in Shanghai already, however my mind is not here with me. I wished I teleported back in Romania for tomorrow. I wish to be next to her on this important day. We’ve known each other for 8 years, I can still remember the first high school week, when I, without knowing her a little bit, called her to stay together in the same desk. I have no recollection of what had made me do this thing, however I did very well in doing so. It seems to me I’ve known her for ever, and not for only 8 years. I have quite a number of good friends, close to my soul, but she has always been a little bit more special, my soul – close friend. There are many times when you find it easier to open your soul in front of a stranger, in a train, an airplane, or even in a cab, for instance. I found myself once talking to a cab driver in London about my own issues. I had never seen that man in my life before, it was just me and him, two different individuals. We were separated by the plastic wall that London cabs have, we could hear each other in the loudspeakers, but that’s all there was to it. I’ve talked all the way through, without having any idea as to why I chose to tell him some quite personal matters, it just happens sometimes.


But she is always there. She just sits and listens to me for hours all these years on a daily basis, without ever once telling me that she got tired of it. She knows how to calm me down, when to tell me that I’m right, when to scold me, and, most of all, she understands it all by a mere look, by a mere word, everything I feel and what I need to hear. Most of the times, communication between the two of us is non – verbal.


She, the honest, kind – hearted and personality one shall say “I DO” tomorrow. I would have so many things to say, however I wouldn’t find enough time as well as space to do so. The joy I feel inside is huge. Simple words just couldn’t describe the way I feel inside, perhaps my being nervous for not being able to be there next to her, especially that next year me and my husband shall be their Godparents. She has always stood by me, as of the worst times in my life and up to the most sincere and happiest ones. I’ve cried with her, laughed together, she scolded me, encouraged me. I can say that she has constantly pushed me into writing. We’ve decided that at one given time we shall start writing a book together, on each and every single moment and feeling that we have shared.


We’ve been together for 4 years, day by day, in the same desk. Time has come when I had to move to another town. For me this was a proof that distance cannot destroy anything that is powerful. Both her and her future husband (tomorrow) have lived in different countries for a long period of time. I’ve always admired them for how united they have proven to be, and see how all the rest: the stress, the pain, the distance and many others have proven to be worthy, tomorrow is the big day. As of tomorrow you shall begin another road together, a new chapter. I can pride myself with the fact that I have been next to you so far and I shall help the writing of the story which is to follow. Happy marriage Sis!


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