A Dream

I guess it was in 2003, in a June morning when a young lady woke up stupefied by a dream. The dream was about a conversation between a boy and a girl; it was in a wonderful sunny place, in the middle of a dark forest. They were talking about love, and about the risks which come along with it. She was human, he was a vampire. The scene was very intense, the dream ending with the crazy desire of the boy to suck her sweetheart’s blood. When she woke up and realised it was just a dream, she refused to get out of bed and kept imagining what it could happen next. Eventually, she got out of the bed and started to type on her computer what she had seen in her dream. She wrote about 10 pages that evening. When she realised how much she enjoyed it, she thought about writing one hour every day, no matter what. By the end of the summer there were 498 pages. The story found her way, the boy and the girl had names and everything was more and more interesting: forbidden love, honour and youth. She wouldn’t show anyone the manuscript. Her sister had the chance to read the possible future book. She encouraged her to publish it and after many entreaties she accepted. She approached 15 different agencies, 5 ignored her, 9 directly refused her. The last answer was positive. One single person in the agency had the feeling of reading something different and they decided to accept the book. The agency agreement was signed.


The title of the novel was “Twilight” and later on it became a best seller. Stephanie Meyer, the author, wrote 3 volumes, each one inspired a movie which turned to be blockbusters all over the world. It was published in more than 50 languages and she overcome Harry Potter’s author, J.K. Rowling.


Later, Stephanie declared that she used to write occasionally, but she never thought about turning it into a trade before having that dream. The most interesting part is that she never made any research about vampires, she just imagined and created. She had never seen herself as a writer, but she never stopped dreaming and wishing for more. Her words are never complicated, sometimes even too simple, to be understood by everyone. Her success was totally unexpected; she didn’t dare to dream about what was to come.


Let’s take a few seconds to think about it!


What did it started from? A dream!



Why did it continue? Because of ambition and perseverance.


Why did she publish? Because the people around her were important, the confidence her sister gave her was of the essence. Luck has also an important role when out of the 15 agencies, one and only one said “Yes”.


There is no logic or formula for success. At least I can’t find it. I am sure we all have a dream, but unfortunately not everyone of us tries to make them come true. We leave them aside each morning when we look in the mirror.


I am just curious… when I am going to dream?


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