About you my dear. About a mistress.

Since I know her (and I’ve known her for a while) she had this statute. I don’t know how she had been before I met het but as far as she told me: the same. I don’t judge her, in fact I listen to her with my mouth opened, I live her stories and I can hardly wait for the next meeting. She has something, some kind of glue, a smile or maybe a perversity. I am not a man to know, but if I were I’m sure she would have been my mistress. As much as I like her, I think that if she stole my man I could strangle her. No matter the lady I wish to be, I know that a woman like her makes others forget all about you, so it is better – we stay friends, just the two of us.

Although it seems she has a hard role to accept, she fits perfectly. She does not suffer to get the attention of his friends; she doesn’t have to change her signature nor her last name. Many mistresses accept this role just because of sexual or material benefits. Or maybe this is what they like and what they prefer.

She does not call – others call her. She doesn’t have to ask about the “lady”, she knows nothing about the bills, she doesn’t have to worry about children, and she just loves and has sex (wow, good sex) or love – depending on the case. She drives him mad with her always impeccable lingerie. She has time to go to the hairdresser, to have relaxing massages and she is always smiling. She always has time for him or she just makes him believe this. Her eyes sparkle when she sees him and she is childishly happy. She listens to him; she doesn’t scream, she is sweet, warm and loving. What man could say NO to such a woman?

She doesn’t slam the door, just shuts it.

She doesn’t sweat while cleaning the house, she only sweats for him.

She doesn’t cry and dramatize, she just accepts.

She doesn’t want explanations, she just wants pleasure.

She doesn’t control, she offers freedom.

She asks for nothing but she gets all she wants.

Surely his wife thinks of her as a sex-symbol. A sexy bomb with big breasts, long feet and a lot of Botox in all over the places. “Girl, I’ve seen her, she is full of cellulites. She’s got breast implants, and she has Botox even in her ears. She is very ugly, you can’t even compare to her.” Maybe so…

Indeed, a wife can’t be compared to a mistress like her. She is willing to try new things, trying to improve sex and she spices her relationship every day. She doesn’t usually get home at 8 o’clock, tired and nervous because of her colleagues. She goes with him for a day in the place chosen by him without asking: “How much time until we get there?”, “Where are we going?”, without constantly looking at her watch and thinking if she has any food left in the fridge to put on the table. She also knows that love goes through the stomach and she cooks him dinner from time to time, dressed in sexy shorts, with a couple of candles and ambient music. If not, she feeds him with love and sex. Even the way she puts food in her mouth is totally different. While his old wife does not bother if a potato fell on her T- shirt, or if some oil stained her clothes– quickly wipes it with a towel: “Eh, not visible”(Yes it is !!!)  – while her (MISTRESS) even when she eats in bet she hangs a napkin on her T-shirt. Oh yes…even so… she surprises him with the breakfast directly when he wakes up. And so he spent another night with her while his wife knows that he had had an emergency and he had to go on a business trip.

The pillow is covered in lipstick, his shirt covers her body. She fools around, jokes and laughs. She doesn’t act like a mother; she is the mistress, the master and the slave – all in the same time. She obeys him, accepts orders when she wants to and takes control when she feels the need to do it. She admires every single bit of his body, kisses him sensually and makes him feel like a lion (or like a king – it’s the same). What can’t you get from a man when you put him on the highest shrine? He is like no other. He is the best, the most attractive, the richest. She finds all his words interesting and she believes in the same things as he does. Without contradictions and absurd opinions” Yes, you are absolutely right”, “God, you’re smart”.

She will always know what he wants, she is never depressed, she accepts her condition and she even loves him I may add. She wouldn’t like to change a thing. She had a lot of opportunities or possibilities – as you wish to call them. She doesn’t want to change. “I like to live like this; I like freedom, risk and adrenaline. If starting from tomorrow we were a couple, this would be interesting for a short while. After this short while I would start to tell you about him being late, keeping his phone on silent mode, being called by his boss at 11 o’clock at night or the fact that his phone battery died and he could call me to tell me he will not sleep at home.” She feels so strong because she is in control and she can say no whenever she likes, without being afraid he will leave her for another. He trusts her and he knows that there is no one better. She is like a drug and he is addicted to it. Even if he has to go in the most beautiful moments, he is not there on holidays (not always) or he must go to pick up his kids from school – she is happy, free and in love (as much as she can and as much as she wants to be). No one makes her do it, and she doesn’t ask for more. She simply likes to be a mistress. And not just any used mistress – a unique one – a mistress that any man would want to have.

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