About her. About a weak woman.

Weaknesses. I have many maybe too many. But in a way or another I try to compensate them with my qualities. I try to hide them, to mask them, to seem powerful. I can do this for most people but I have difficulties with the people who know me. I manage to full them sometimes, too. Today I will not speak about me. I speak about her. A woman. Personal details don’t count – age, appearance, weight and height.

I will start with the definition of the word “attitude” = posture, character and behavior; this also implies the word= “class”= standard, rank, scale of values, superior quality, worth. Any woman who respects her own person considers these two qualities as connected in a certain way. However, the most important thing is what we think about ourselves, the way we see ourselves when we look in the mirror, the way we perceive our ideas and actions, the way others see us, the ones around us. Beginning with family, friends, colleagues and finishing with people we like less, who we could call “enemies”. To clarify this: even a saleswoman can have class, not only queen Elisabeth. It is all about principles, opinions and goals.

Her: Excellent body posture, even close to perfection. She makes you respect her, if I might call it like this when only referring to a certain person. She is impartial and more accurate she is fair. We can hardly see such a feature, isn’t it? Always impeccable, arranged and sumptuous. Her behavior: cold, indifferent. By trying to be fair all the time she sometimes fails. However, this is her. The perfect woman.

She is not too clever nor to dumb. She makes faces when something is not right but she keeps her mouth shut when she has no clue about a certain matter. She does not say she doesn’t know but she only retreats. Calm and good-sense are the two qualities always assigned to her by close people. This might be true. The truth is men cherish more than appearance. A woman like her must stay calm during a crisis, willing to surpass everything, to talk and not to argue, to accept without comments, can be called a patient woman, isn’t it?

A man doesn’t need an annoying woman, one who wants change and emphasizes mistakes. He prefers one who knows when to keep quiet, gives up everything for him, supports his views, encourages him and supports all his actions. He doesn’t like being made fun of in front of his friends, even if “she” is right or if she jokes about something or she supports her own view. Even if he is wrong she should shut up. He is the one with full power! She just takes it and accepts it. She’s chosen him and she can’t change anything.

So, my dear woman, I ask you:

-Are you happy with yourself?

-Do you believe in yourself?

-Are you capable of having something of your own without borrowing it from him?

-Do you feel valued?

-Are you being independent?

-Are you happy?

The answer is NO. As much as you are lying to yourself go and look in the mirror, wash your face and accept it. You are his possession, his object; you are being manipulated – because you are a weak woman!

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