Another week start

I had a crazy weekend, I moved in another apartment. I have come to hate luggage, clothes and all the stuff you have to gather in a life time, for nothing. I was sitting and thinking about the things I need. This is what we always say. I remember reading a textbook about style in Spain. I regret I don’t remember the name of the author. The first chapter was about cleaning your wardrobe. “Put all your clothes in a room and start sorting them cold blooded. You will see that you only wear 20% on a daily basis. The remaining are just objects which confuse our existence.”

I carried my things in a van. I can’t even feel my hands and my little place is still a mess. I am trying to find a better solution to shove them somewhere to make them stay hidden, at least. Not to step on them.

Clothes bring back memories. Each blouse has its story. Especially dresses. I have a bad habit of not wearing a dress twice. I don’t know why. Probably because I want to keep that moment in my heart as it was. But I can’t even put them in a bag and forget them or give them away. I want them in my wardrobe to that I can look at them. I can’t find other reason now. I believe in many superstitions related to clothes: a shirt for interviews, my lucky pair of jeans which I wear when taking exams and so on. This morning I had to put my lucky T-shirt to mark a new beginning. The first official class this year. Yes.. I have started the MA classes. I am amazingly clever. I thank those who told me to go and study abroad. Otherwise I would have paid all my exams in Romania and I had already had 2-3 faculties with daily courses graduated. Definitely! I am sorry … I didn’t mean to offend anybody. Is just that I generally choose the easy way. And if we like it or not almost all things get settled in our dearly beloved country.

So I started in force. I am more willing than never. Although I am completely exhausted and I just lay on the sofa without taking my shoes off, I am glad and especially satisfied. I don’t know how long it will be this way, I don’t know if one day I will become sloppy, but now I know I can do it, I can do more.

I have discovered a new hobby. Cooking! I can’t even imagine where did this thing come from but it relaxes me. I didn’t think I will say this but I look for all kinds of recipes on the Internet to try something new every night. Whenever I have time, of course. Today I’ve been to the supermarket. And willing or not I filled a shopping basket. When I got home and I started to put all the shopping in the fridge I realized I hadn’t bought as much as I thought. I have paid a lot of money and my fridge was empty. I have a very good friend who cooks every day. And I don’t mean soups, sausages or something. Not that type of cooking. I simply love her. I don’t know how she does it but she cooks for 6 people in less than an hour. She always has everything she needs and it seems everything goes as planned. Each time she invited me to eat at her place I licked my fingers. Today I’ve bought some shrimps because I remembered her shrimp salad with avocado and mango. What a delicious thing! If someone gave me these ingredients to eat separately, I couldn’t do it.

So, my dear ones, each day try to do something that you like, something that disconnects you and gives you the possibility to be with your own thoughts. Turn the music up, have a glass of wine …preferably white … a book in your hand and the pan in another. This is my moment… This is the time when I do what I like…. I cook, I drink white wine and I read … After this I write. I write about the things I want to, about my feelings and the things happening to me.


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