Some time ago I was desperately looking for a painter. And not just any painter, but one who should understand me, feel what I mean to say, create the stories I invented. Honestly, my passion has been awoken in me by my friend A, one soul mate, whom I had the feeling I’d known for a life time. She has talked me into doing what she’s doing and she has made it. It was hard for me at first even to tell what I needed. Everyone knew I needed a painter and that was all. So many failed attempts, a large number of sketches thrown away some place, non – substantiated emails and so on and so forth. At one given moment in time I had even given up on this idea, I had quitted dreaming. I just felt I was speaking a language no one understood.

All that until one day, in London, when I was talking to a good friend of mine and a very helpful one indeed and I told her about this idea. She gave me a telephone number. Even now I can remember that I’ve saved it with no hope whatsoever. After a couple of days I made that call. I was in England, he was in Romania, me in Bucharest, he was in Pitesti. Honestly, it seems impossible only when you think about the synchronization that has to take place. I don’t know how, when and where, but we’ve set a date to meet. Me, personally I have to fixed ideas when it comes to people: nails and eyes. The moment I saw him, I cannot remember but his blue eyes and the perfect understanding and bond that took place between us, without too many words involved. I liked him from the very start; he was listening to me and analyzing what I was saying. I felt how he understood everthing I was saying, without me talking about anything in particular, without having an order of ideas. I was talking on and on, I was trying to describe some images that had been long hidden in my mind, I was jumping from one story to another, talking about colours, landscapes, gods and godesses, but all he did was just listening to me. I felt free and understood. You can hardly imagine how good these two feelings put together make you feel. I don’t even know how long it has been been since I’ve known him, anyway not too long, but I have the feeling I’ve known him for a life time. I’ve met his wife, a warm and understanding person like he was. He has started painting the first painting in my house without too many indications, ideas or guidelines. Only a few words said in a rush. I remember when I got the first sketch, in a picture on whatsapp (technology has come to have an influence even on art), I stayed stunned with my telephone at my ear and said: Yes, from now on he’s going to be my painter. He has painted a lot for me so far, in such a short amount of time, and I know he is going to paint a life time from now on if we have some more work for him to do.

After having done a little bit of research on Renaissance painters, I realized that Michelangelo is by far the best, the most honest, the cleanest and the most sensitive, with the most profound thoughts, with a bunch of feelings and emotions all in one single man. It would take me too much to start describing Michelangelo in my vision, anyhow, one single word fits the profile: perfect! Probably the close connection between me and his works can also be explained by the fact that we have been born on the same day: the 6th of March. I visited many places, different tourist objectives, in many countries, different continents. But the feeling I had when I entered the Sistine Chapel, just cannot be explained so as to highlight its pure essence. It’s magic plain and simple.

So, being fascinated by Michelangelo and by the painter of my soul, we have started painting a customized Michelangelo, including different stories and personal stuff. Each painting so far has something special, something only mine, specific to me and unique. I would need a whole blog only for explaining each and every single such painting. I only know that everytime I shall look at my paintings I shall not get bored, I shall always find something new, a new interpretation and a certain something hidden until that time.

Just like Lev Tolstoi used to say: “Art is not a craft, it means communicating the feeling that the artist has felt.” Next time I’ll sit next to him and we shall paint together for hours and hours I shall ask him what he felt.


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