Attitude to lack of attitude

Today I realized that I don’t need someone to show a path to me or being thought how to think. I am not perfect, I know. But I didn’t force anyone to accept me. Maybe I am too cocky but this is my problem only. You can’t stand me? It’s your problem. I think you are too interested in my life instead of being interested in yours, to open up your eyes and look beside you. I understood that indifference is the most powerful force in the universe.

We are not different. Indifference makes the difference. It comes from vanity and pride.

I choose to respect and express myself by shutting up. I feel good with myself and I am especially self confident. Attitude applies with all the necessary qualities: trust, power, courage, safety. All in the same time.

Over time I’ve learnt to give up aggressiveness. I didn’t get where I want to but I’m on the right path. I respect all which deserves my respect, I stop when it’s not worth it. It is very important to become aware of the fact that it’s not enough to know what you want; you have to know how to ask it and to accept some things which happen for a reason.

Elegance is all about gestures and attitude. If elegance could be bought, we would all be poor. Luckily, it is acquired. It is learnt.

People who lack attitude … amuse me. I watch them detached and I try to understand the way it works. But this is the thing; I don’t think it works at all. They rusted, wheels stop spinning or if they didn’t – they spin only for things obsolete, so to say.  There is nothing new for them; all goes around in a specific pattern. Their mind is tired and there are too many twists. This is their food. But what a pity … they consume only expired things.

Lack of attitude involves perseverance. Can you deal with that? Easy to say, hard to do. It is true that all of us break some rules to get where we want to. What about when it comes to selling? How much can you sell? What is your limit? When you lack attitude you definitely lack limits.

Before you talk, get informed. Before you judge, listen. Before you make accusations, investigate. Before you cheat, analyze.

A good attitude leads to success and a better life. Feed yourself with high hopes not with cheap stuff which lack value and feelings.

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