China and the fakes

For one month and a little bit I have been living in China. There are so many things to say about this country, a lot of culture, many traditions and most of all, a number of superstitions. The funniest of them all I found it to be their bad luck number, namely 4, which is completely missing. One of the many explanations is that “she” (four) and Shi (death) sound alike. It’s very funny how the 4th, 14th and 24th floors are missing from most of the buildings, or hotels. And not only that, even on the 9th floor in Beijing hotel there is no room with the number 904 or 914. On the other hand I have worked on the 14th floor and their explanation was a pretty logical one as far as the Chinese are concerned: in the building there are only European companies. Car numbers are just as funny; I believe so far I have only seen 2 – 3 cars that had the number “4”, although every day when I’m in a cab or in the street I tend to analyze this matter in detail. On the other hand, the lucky number is 8, so you can never find a free room at a hotel that has this number in it. It seems fascinating, since in Romania we have 13 as a bad luck number, however people pay not so much relevance to this particular detail. It seems that no matter how much I wrote on China, I would never get bored. Their homes are specific, the red, black, green and very little yellow colors are always present. Streets are crowded and smells are diverse. There are quite a lot of stalls, both in the luxury areas and in the poorest ones. They sell anything, from toys to purses, shows, pictures and souvenirs. Although going through a communist regime, me as a tourist, I found myself to feel pretty free.

I was raised in a small town, where supersititions did not have so much value. Not to mention about fakes, we would barely speak of brands, let alone brand clothing. So, until I got to fly to foreign countries, I was dreaming only about Prisma, Dorally and Idm. And this seems very natural to me, since my mind was opened to only this stuff. Well, I may be overreacting a little bit; because God gave me the opportunity to travel from a pretty early age, however, that was my level. Later on companies started to show up in our country little by little. So, good people from the city have started to buy their clothes from Dolce, Gucci and let’s not forget about LV. I have admired and always will admire the people who say out loud that they cannot afford brand clothes and wish to wear some, so they buy fakes instead. Although I don’t feel like them, I admire their honesty. But what about the other ones?! I can still remember now when I saw a young girl with a 1300 Euro purse but who has barely got to visit Romania and its tourist objectives. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, because this is me, I do a lot of analyzing, and I still couldn’t find the explanation. Until I took a course on umbrellas inside us in London, which has basically illuminated me. All those hours spent with different people all around the world, have changed my vision, have helped me understand and no longer judge the people who, unfortunately, are overwhelmed by their own rage. It’s so frustrating to wish and not be able to get what you wish for, to always be at the lower level, more far behind and less educated, and not be able to accept this. No, I do not wish to be misinterpreted. I know I’ve been lucky and by the age of 23 I could see a bunch of things that not anyone gets to see in a life time, and I thank God for this anytime I have the chance to do so. But during all this time, I grew up, got educated and learnt a lot. First of all I wanted and accepted to be criticized, of course by well intended people, who played a very big part in my life and in my transformation as a human being. Now that I look back, some things make me smile. I wasted so much time on non – important stuff. So I decided to learn something new every day. And I don’t refer only to studying from books, but also to studying from people, from friends, from the people I know. I have never tried to copy anyone, to wish to have the things my more wealthy friends have, or to wish to steal their personality or their credits. I have admired them loud and clear and I have asked them to teach me, to show me and help me grow. Even now I can remember how I reached the Chinese restaurant ”China Tang” in Dorchester Hotel in London and I had no idea how to eat using chopsticks. It’s not about the fact that I could not hold them in my hand, but when I saw around me children of 12 – 13 years old how they took even the peanuts with them, I felt so small. However, people around me and my ambition have helped me become the pro I am today, in terms of such chopstics. At the table I have honestly said that I had no idea how to use them and I’ve been explained not only once, but several times. The list may go on with a number of examples. But after a number of questions I have found out why was it that we needed 7 sets of cuttlery at a table, why we needed our wine glass to be changed when a new bottle is opened and many other such things. All these things are not written anywhere, and I don’t tell them just like that. I wished so much to grow, to know, to find out, to be a master of the situations and to know how to react even when I had my meals with the most sophisticated and educated people in the world.

And I do not wish to stop here, I want to know more and more, to grow every day a little bit more. I just hate the copy – paste operation. I shall never do anything willingly in order to copy someone. I would not feel good and it would not be me. The same goes for the Chinese fakes; they are everywhere, from the poorest quality, to the best quality possible. But originals can be seen, they sparkle somewhere and they are always one step ahead, since fashion changes rapidly, and by the time the reply is made a new collection is out on the market. So, be original, be yourselves, feel free. There’s nothing more beautiful than feeling free and healthy. All the rest can be learnt, if you have the will, ambition and the “I don’t know, could you please help me…” phrase…

To conclude, since every story ends like this, ambition can help you succeed. I’m 23, married, I have a wonderful family, I travel, study I have two businesses of my own, and I speak five foreign languages. I have hundreds of friends in every corner of the world, and from each of them I had something to learn. I’m not at all modest but I want so much more. I do not wish to be appreciated by people who do not understand what I’m writing about, what I do, what I accomplish …. I just don’t need all these. Because in certain towns fakes cannot be distinguished, but in those cities that set the time, fakes are just something that gets lost in the crowd.

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