Coffee, tea, dessert.. ?

There are a couple of essential things that we all need: sleep, food, clothes, shoes and people. Regardless of one’s age, nationality or budget. Sleep is for free, you can lie down anywhere, close your eyes and get some sleep. Food, clothes and shoes enter the category of material things. The way you choose, prefer and pay for the latter differs subject to the environment and the culture you have been brought up in. Italian people want pasta, French people want cheese, Chinese people want rice and Romanian people want sour soups and stuffed cabbage. Even if we sometimes go to various restaurants with different types of cusines, we always get back to what is ours, that’s the psychological comfort we have grown up in.

We choose our clothes depending upon tastes, colours, fabrics and above all, on fashion. What’s in fashion is always more interesting. Although I found this to be a little bit far fetched, since you alone can make your clothes be in fashion, without taking guidance from anyone and anything else for that matter. Just like Coco Chanel used to say: “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion”.Imprint this clearly in your memory, adopt one bossy attitude, stay and walk upright and trust me, even the ugliest and cheapest clothes will look different on you. I’ve lived in different countries, some things are alike, but dressing habits that people have are totally different. I was mostly impressed by England, London in particular. The combination between casual and elegant makes for the perfect definition. Their imposing style says it all when you realize that most men wear costumes both at 7 a.m. when they take their dog out for a walk, and at 8 p.m. when they go out of work and run through the tube station in order to get to dinner in time. Details are of essence, therefore the watch, the belt and shoes are always a perfect match. Women on the other hand prefer wearing clothes of a very simple cut, with not too many colours. High heels are always present. They make an impression by their simplicity, elegance and feminity. Accessories are light, however perfectly chosen: one good watch, small earrings and that will be enough. Sometimes at dinners or on some special ocassions, they put on their pearls, leaving them to stand out in such a slight manner. The British style makes its impression anywhere, in any form.

Spanish people are the opposite of Londoners. Much more rebel, excentric and worry – free. Jeans are number 1 here, as well as sport shoes and a large T – shirt. They always give the impression of a messy picture, they wear too many accessories. Ladies and misses love long earrings, a large number of bracelets, the same goes for the rings and a couple of trinkets around their neck. Their hair is always a mess, on their back, or clipped on a tail. You can feel the Latin style in the flower they put in their hair sometimes. They give you the impression of a free style, with rotten shoes or differently coloured socks, they can’t be bothered by anyone, they have their own style and that’s all there is to it. Freedom to live!

French people, Paris.. Chanel, Dior, Louboutin..  What else can be said? Naturel.. Frech women fascinate the entire world, being always on the catwalk. Romanticism, elegance, feminity, you can find them all in their clothing style. They make a perfect combination of their clothing; one vintage piece may be perfectly used with red foundation shoes. Women place their shawl over their shoulders, a small bag or even a large one, there’s no relevance in this, the red lipstick and their hair, even in a messy way, looks as if that’s the way it should be. Men are elegant, however quite cosy. A pair of Jeans, one left out shirt, one blazer with ragged elbows, one scarf hanging by their neck, large sun glasses…they look quite at ease and extravagant at the same time. They easily fit the scenery even with a woolen pullover hanging by their shoulders. In particular Parisian men are unique.

But what about us, the Romanian people? One Italian friend of mine told me once: “What is that, a club or a wedding?”. Maybe he had no idea how we do our weddings here…

People need people. God gave us a mouth so we could talk, however since words are not always enough, He also gave us our hands so we can touch, our soul so we can feel and our brains so we can think. British researchers have proven that anyone needs a minimum of 5 huggings a day in order to be happy. Now think a little bit, how many huggings have you given and how many have you received today? We fight, we gossip, we love each other, anything we do we just need one another. Some people come and go, others stay there for ever, we are emotionally dependant on some people, and on others at a relational, family or financial level. However that may be, we cannot do it by ourselves. Life is a long voyage, you get to choose with whom and where you go to, how far you want to get and what you put in your luggage. In the end, that’s all that matters.


Just like we end a good supper, the same way my writing for today shall end: “Coffee, tea or dessert?”..

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