Curly hair

I have always admired women who know how to make themselves to look pretty, without needing urgent hairdresser. They know how to do their hair, manicure, as many times a week they want to, change their nail polish every day and so on. However I am a little clumsier in this field. Many people say I didn’t have the patience to try but to be honest, only I know how many times I tried to do my nails and not only that I got down to the wrist, but I made a mess around me. I bought a ton of helpful things; I even tries some “stickers” which are to be stuck directly on the nail. I can’t do it. My hands shook, the brush was not appropriate … a thousand of reasons and explanations.

When it comes to hair, I’ll tell you about my obsession since I was 10. I was born with curly hair. This is what God wanted, or just biologically speaking I took the gene from I don’t know who … There is no one curly in my family. They had tried to convince me that I look like some public persons, that I’m a thousand times more beautiful with curls, that I am special and so on. It was in vain. It didn’t work at all. I have always wanted my hair to be straight. I know … curly people want straight hair and vice versa. But my parents liked my curls. Each time I looked into a mirror I saw a sheep. I bought all kinds of hair plates. One day, wanting to prevent my hair from being ruined, my mother decided to forbid me to straighten my hair because I was pulling it like a crazy person. I didn’t really know what I was doing and I only managed to ruin it … so she did well.

Whenever I had the chance to go to the hairdresser, I was the first one to do it. When I didn’t have this chance, I just made a bun, not to see it so bristly. Now, when I think about it, I don’t even remember the last time I wore it curly. First of all, it doesn’t look as it used to. I pulled it until it got to look random, nor straight, nor curly. Terrible!

Besides being conditioned by the hairdresser there are other problems too: when it rains I need an umbrella A.S.A.P. ; when I go to the sea side I have to take care and don’t get my hair wet; when I shower I have to be careful not to use the shower hanging on the wall – I think it happened 3 times in the last couple of days. (I nervously punched the shower for 2-3 times, I don’t know why … maybe because I was to blame. I’m not careful enough. I know this may seem a whim but only I know how I feel when my hair is curly. I have never liked it, this is for sure. Once I even tried that treatment which makes your hair straight for 6 months. The first month was awesome, the second was ok and then the roots started to show up– which, of course, had been growing. I understood that this doesn’t help me so I had only two other choices left: either I leave it be, or I always straighten it, each day if possible. The fact is that when my hair is just as I want it to be, I trust myself more, I feel different.

Eyebrows plucking. This also gave me many headaches. I am not very picky; I mean I pluck my eyebrows anywhere. I have tried to do this alone once or twice. The final result was that the red spots were obvious. I’ve pinched myself everywhere so I had to give it up.

The hours I spent in different beauty salons made me feel like a woman. But, sometimes, I wish I could do one or two things by myself, in the evenings while watching TV. Obviously, the hairdresser is very important and it should be seen as sacred by all women. Many women relax when they sit on the chair, in front of the mirror but I immediately start: “Will it take much longer? If someone invented some machine for us to get in, and after 10 minutes to get out as “perfect”, it would be great.

So, my dears, I respect you, the ones who do this stuff on your own. I sincerely admire you and I would like to be like you. I envy the ones with straight hair who don’t need to look out for the rain, who don’t have to think twice before having a shower or before having a dip in the sea, without asking themselves “what am I to do tonight when I’ll go out with a messy hair?”

As long as you are a woman, you have to take care of yourself! Take care of yourself no matter how you do it, by yourself or by going to the hairdresser. Don’t let any hair stand where it shouldn’t more than necessary, always have your nails done, put a smile on your face, straighten your back … You are a woman, be proud of it and take advantage of the things you can do. Sometimes, if you think “it doesn’t show” others may easily notice.

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