Employee of the month

Now that I got to officially work for someone I do not know, in a foreign country, I have started to grasp the feeling much better. It’s so awful to wake up in the morning to go to work, and it’s even worse when you have to get along with your boss’s moods and it’s absolutely terrifying when you stay all day at the office after a long party night.


First day upon my arrival, one “pretty kind” colleague of mine, and I’m not going to state her nationality here, so that I won’t be called a racist, told me a little bit about our company, how things were going, what and how, who and above all where and why. Everything was pretty black according to her saying, I felt as if I just got to hell, I had started to imagine things and most of all, I used to see everything in such a bad light, that I would not even think that it could be possible for a good part to actually exist. So, the first days have been a real disaster, I just couldn’t accommodate, her words were always on my mind and I started more and more to think that she was right.


All these until one morning when I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror while brushing my teeth and set my mind to make that day distinct. To start to be me, to act natural, no prejudice and to see afterwards what’s going to be like. I arrived at the office all smiley face, in a mood for jokes, just like in the morning. I bought myself Oreo, I even served everyone in the office. I felt the ice actually breaking and the sun easily surfacing and in the corner of one’s mouth a little smile appeared. The atmosphere was already starting to get different, people were working with a smile on their faces, small gossip breaks were actually happening, and that was something I had never seen before that time. Everything was getting better, only my nasty colleague was sitting at her desk, full of nerves and it was as if she was throwing venom towards me, instead of looks. I couldn’t care less, I kept on doing what I was doing and I did that so that every day shall get better and better.


Wednesday has been one decisive day, I invited all my colleagues in town, at a Spanish restaurant. I knew there were plenty of other things to find out, that everyone had his story, his past, his hidden memories. I just could not leave this place without getting closer to them, namely to my managers. It has been one of the most beautiful evenings in Shanghai. I was very impressed cause they have all come (only the “colleague” was missing, of course). We  were all ready, open and smiley. We drank a lot of wine, told a series of memories and laughed a lot. At one given moment in time everyone started to take out the bags from under the table. I couldn’t understand what was happening. From the lowest in rank manager to the highest in rank boss, they had bought me presents, they have asked me to stay, not to go back in Europe, to stay and work with them. When I heard the words “this company really needs you” I started to cry without giving any more thought, but also to smile at the same time.  I have thanked them a lot, I kissed them all in turn and I took a picture with every single one of them. They all said Cheers in my honor and we kept on drinking wine.


As a conclusion, I can say that I have had a wonderful time, feeling both appreciated and respected. I reached a town of 23 million people, in a big company, with offices in various countries and continents. No one knew who I was, what I was doing. All they knew was what was written in a normal CV, that I am from Romania and that I have studied in London. That’s how I first time entered the office from the 14th floor, room 407. I left there feeling sorry that my period had come to an end. Moreover, on Thursday I got back to the office. I got dressed with one of the presents I had received and I went to see them. I was already missing them all. They have started clapping their hands when I entered and leave everything aside, both worries, and emails, telephones, in order to have the time to stay and chat with me for a little while.


To some people what I’m saying here may quite easily equal zero, however no one can take the joy I feel inside, when I think about all the relationships I have made, as well as about the memories and appreciations I have achieved. For me it has been a marvellous experience, of which I had to learn much more than I would have expected. The recommendation letter I have received have touched me a great deal, the words went straight to my heart.


I thank them tremendously for all they have taught me, for how they made me feel and for their entire admiration towards me.

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