Evolution vs. Regression

There are people who want to hurt you. I don’t know whether intentionally or not but some of them make a purpose out of this. You are permanently in their thoughts, you are their only idea and they are stuck – in the morning, noon, evening – it doesn’t matter– they dream of you in the worst situations. For the ones who don’t do this on their own initiative but it comes from their inside, it is worse. I wonder why someone could hate a person without knowing it. Why does an idea annoy you without knowing what it means? Why do you create ambitions without knowing their purpose? Because this is what you want and you are not aware of the fact that first of all you hurt yourself and then you hurt other people around you.

Each day we decide something; it’s possible that each minute we make a choice: for example, today I though whether to forgive or to love. As for the second option, I told to myself to try and eliminate the hatred out of my soul, slowly – slowly, little by little. First of all it makes me hurt and secondly, generally speaking, you lose precious time when someone “obsesses” you. Then I understood the first option: I forgive you because I know you are not aware. I’ve made a deal with myself: I don’t want to feel a thing when it comes to you. I have no opinion and nothing to tell you.

According to the saying: in life one cannot have it all. I don’t know exactly who said it so I can quote, but that person was a very good thinker. Anything you may want in life, firstly you should pray for your health, family and close ones. I thank God for my mother who prays for me every morning and she only sends me good thoughts and positive energy. I have recently seen a movie where a now born baby, just as he was out of the womb, stopped crying when he felt her mother’s touch. (At the end you will find the link for the movie). Although I do not pray enough, I have begun to do it more often.

Therefore, if God keeps you healthy, you start to want something else; you even start to want everything if possible. But this is impossible. Wouldn’t be great to have it all? You have money but no peace, you have peace but no love, you have love but no safety, you have safety but no understanding, you are understood but you have no happiness, you have happiness but no friends, you have friends but no possibilities, you have possibilities but no family, you have family but no freedom, you have freedom but no support, you have support but no resources, you have resources but no money, you have money but no health. And so on, we can go back to this vicious circle many times but we still get to the same point: you have something but you miss other thing.

Personally, I have always tried to have little of everything. I didn’t always succeed, but mostly I did. I tried to replace the gaps with similar things and satisfy my needs by using things that I had in excess. After summing this up I noticed I was a lucky person. No matter the things I didn’t have, the people trying to hurt me, bad things that came from inside me or other people, I always succeeded. I cannot explain but I have always achieved what I wanted and I have passed all the obstacles in life with baby steps. More mature since last year, more immature in the years that will come, this is me– the one who always overcomes any situation, me– who always gets where she wants, me – who grows strong from other people wickedness, me – the one who tears things apart when it comes to people I love, me – the one who accepts her mistakes and tries to forgive the mistakes made by ignorant people.

Love more… Much more!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5fUAdK5DPU

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