Men in one woman’s life. They may be plenty in number, as well as of several types: boyfriend, friend, acquaintance, brother, relative or father. However, only one is unique and does not take the plural.

First of all, I was lucky to be born in a nice family. I don’t care and I couldn’t care less about what other people think, I only know that there are few people like us, and so many who would wish to be so. We are not perfect, we have our own drawbacks, every single one of us, however, all in all we can successfully pass all chapters. For me, my parents are something special, something that’s worthy to follow and above all, they stand for an example. They got married 26 years ago. Everything I know I know from them, from my grandparents, and very little from my friends. Their love story, however forbidden at a given moment in time, lasted, grew and taught. I believe that the most important thing has been that they pulled the wagon in the same direction at all times whatsoever, they have gone through hardships together and they have flown hand in hand on the highest peaks. Always together: my mom and my dad. I have talked to you about my mom, maybe not as much as she would have deserved it, while reading now, it’s been too brief and too light. However, as a mother and a wife, she wouldn’t have made it without him: her husband and my father. And the same goes the other way round.

My father: Not very tall..Neither fat, nor thin.. A little bit grey – haired, over the years, wearing a mustache. I’ve never seen him without it. And I don’t think he would be himself any long, if he took it off. Anyway, it’s not his physical look that draws one’s attention, it’s the eyes, his attitude and above all, his brains. Many people told me I had his eyes, I would be glad to find that was true. It’s as if he penetrates everything by his way of looking, he leaves a certain shudder behind him and most of all, when he squeezes his eyes and starts thinking it’s absolutely unique. In terms of his attitude, I can say a lot. But I will refrain to the way I see him. Strong, self – assured and determined. Without any hesitation whatsoever I can say that he is the strongest person in my life and the one having the most power and influence over me, as well as over the decisions I make. The safety he gives me, from all perspectives, just cannot be compared to anything. I’ve never heard him saying “I can’t”, or “
I won’t” or “not now”. He has always pleased me, ever since I was a baby, as much as he knew how. There have been moments, and not few of them, when I missed him, but I know that all these moments wasted together have been for a good future as far as I’m concerned, so that I have a better life. He doesn’t do half of the things he has to do, he does not make promises in vain and he says no lies. His word is stronger than a contract signed before 5 notaries present. Because of him I’ve learnt how to be fair, and quite frankly, I am now sorry for that. Because nowadays being fair has no value whatsoever. Even now I seem to hear his honest advice provided for free to some people who were not worthy of his words. And then,..why, so much time wasted, and most of all, why so much talk in vain…? He has always given me the impression that he would stamp anyone on the ground for me. Yes, that’s exactly how I feel, even if it sounds a little bit far – fetched and extreme. There has never been a time when he did not answer to me on the telephone. No matter how busy he was, or in any meeting he might have been. And I know this does not go for me only, however I have always known that he is the one who can solve any problem, at any time whatsoever. And now, searching back through my memories, I remember lots and lots of different corny things for which I have called him. Even when I was hundreds of kilometers away from him, he was still able to find the solution to my problems. And I’m not talking here only about the issues that can be solved over the phone: to remain with the car in the crossroad in Bucharest, and he has solved my problem while being in France, now that meant a lot for me. I know, it does sound like “daddy’s girl”, however, that’s who I am and that’s who I shall be even 30 years from now. As long as I know he is present in my life, I don’t have to worry about anything. The protection I have constantly felt helped me get as I am now. Anyway, I know it for a fact that he just couldn’t be where he is right now only based upon some nice and easy facts. And I know many people have little knowledge of that.

As far as his brains are concerned, I could write a book. He is a complete maze. And I believe I am the one that best understands it. I don’t know if I inherited it, or if I stole this way of thinking from him. I know better than anyone else what he’s thinking, if he’s ok, when he’s not ok, when he has to be left alone and when one should make a joke with him. I sometimes get to understand some things from only a couple of gestures on his part, or several reactions or the way he looks at me. I have no idea if he knows I get it, however, as I know him…. I’m sure he realizes it. For a lot of people everything is just at the surface, however with him everything has a certain explanation which is way more profound. Of the type: why, how, how come, where does he want to get to… and so on and so forth. Even if it’s a good thing, it’s not always good for us to be like this, because there are people who don’t even think when saying some thing or another. And after that, the time we waste understanding something that’s not worthy, no one will give it back to us. I don’t know how many people have called him for help and didn’t get the help they needed. Moreover, many people have forgotten the crying and begging because of despair. They have got the help, solved their problems and forgot all about it. That’s a shame. Pity.

Family has always come first for me. And he didn’t care about anything when it came to us. He kept a tight hold on us and at the same time he gave us all the freedom we needed. There haven’t been many times when he scolded me, however when he did it, he meant it. He played the tough guy with me several times, however I know no one has a better soul than his. And all this exigency that he imposed on us has been for a certain purpose. I don’t know how many love or even like him. It’s their loss anyway. I believe if he weren’t my father, he was my mentor, my role model, my ambition. You can be born with anything, but if you don’t have someone next to you to guide you, to restore your peace and advise you… than it’s all for nothing. I know every parent loves his child, however it’s as if I feel myself more loved, more supported, more protected. And I know that regardless of the problem I may be in, he shall always be right there, beside me, with me, for me….. For Ever!

I love you daddy!

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