Friday night

Friday night is different for all of us. It is also different for me according to my mood, the specific moment and the time I have available. My week usually ends on Friday at 5 o’clock P.M. Of course, it depends on the week but mostly it is like this. Free weekends are increasingly fewer, but the ones unscheduled I try to keep for myself.

Frolic Friday – I come home and I sleep for an hour or two. I watch a series or maybe I read some chapters in a book, I order some food: usually sushi or Chinese. I make 2-3 phone calls and I get out. I go to a pub opened until late in the night and then to a club. Before doing this, I try on clothes for 10 times, I change 5 pairs of shoes, I make a mess in my house … I put a little make – up and I’m ready to go. I am either sleepy at about 1-2 o’clock A.M. and come back home eager to embrace the pillow, or I dance all night, close the club and leave with the shoes in one hand and the bag in the other. How lucky I am that here nobody pays you attention and you can run barefoot in the rain or sing the last song you’ve heard. I get home. I clean my make-up if I want to … if not, I change into pyjamas and I go to sleep.

Classy Friday – after finishing work I drink a cup of coffee with somebody, I laugh my heart out and loosen a little bit. I go home to change my clothes … I dress fancy and I go out to have dinner in a restaurant I already know or maybe a new one. It depends on my will to adapt to other people’s schedules; a good wine and a good meal but light…interesting talks, easy themes. I open my mind and find out what’s new, I see a purse, a shoe – I admired people who dress well. Some general information can’t hurt so I try to be up to date with things happening in other countries. I am very lucky to have friends all over the world. I am sometimes astonished by someone who starts talking about Ceausescu and recently…Basescu. From time to time I hear such a thing as: “The capital of Romania is Budapest, isn’t it?” , I smile and gently try to explain that he/she is not very well informed, I can not say that he/she is rather awkward. Diplomacy is the key nowadays; you can never say to someone that he/she knows so little but you can tell him/her that she/he has read some unreal information on some website. After finishing eating and drinking the bottle of wine, we retreat to a lounge with soft music, or we simply leave to our homes. In both cases, when I get home, I have time to shower, to put as much cream as I want on my body and maybe to read for a little while.

Quiet Friday – is the night when I simply run away from noise, conversation; I stay offline on all the social networks. I just want time for myself. I fill the tub – as hot as possible – I drop some bath salt, 2-3 oils recently bought which make me really proud. I take the white wine from the fridge, I pour it in my favorite glass (I prefer not to drink white wine if I don’t have the big special glass because it doesn’t taste the same) which I take with me all over the house. I choose a nice movie and lay on the sofa. Frankly, many times I close my eyes while the music is soft and I have a good book beside me. I try to relax my mind and body as much as I can and as much as I can stand it. It helps a lot. I love to wear my dressing gown – I have a white fluffy one. No matter the temperature in the house, I don’t take it off. I also wear the bootees from my grandmother – I have tried to wear others but I simply couldn’t because the ones made by her are the greatest. I have 4-5 books which I started to read calling me from my bedside. Depending on how tired I am, I choose: something harder, easier or something inspired by a real story. I don’t know how, but I always read first the book about someone’s life, usually related to the Arab world. I love them although they make me feel hatred, the wish to change something and pity. This is another theme I will talk about when I’ll be in the mood. I feel like I’m becoming the character, I start living those times and I can’t stop until I reach the last chapter. Finally I get sleepy; I put on some cream while listening to two or three of my favorite songs. These are old songs, maybe even forgotten on Youtube. I think I am the only one keeping them in my favorites list. Sometimes, If I’m in the mood to write…not necessarily things that I post on my blog but to simply write down my thoughts for me to read later what happened in my mind and soul that time. Depending on my mood I sometimes write a line, other times I write entire pages. This makes me feel a lot better, I feel free, I am me… with myself!

So, my dear ones, you, the ones being at home this Friday night, bored and reluctant, have two options: either you frolic, or you relax. Don’t sit on the couch with the remote control in your hand. I’m sure you have a good book, a close friend waiting for you to say hi. Time does not wait. Don’t let a day go by without learning something. Document, read, talk, know.

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