What can you write about when nothing comes through your head? But I really want to write about something. It makes me feel better, free and productive. I woke up this morning, made my coffee, had breakfast, turned the music loud and started to jump through the house as a 5-6 year-old child. I certainly woke up many people because of the tune, but I minded my own business. I didn’t have too much time for myself, but I did what I wanted by myself, my husband had already left for training. I was thinking about starting to pack up the luggage, but the empty suitcases were making me feel uncomfortable and they seemed to call me “fill us up, fill us up”. I postponed it. I got dressed, took my notebooks and pens and left for the classes. I feel like being in the 12th grade again, when I was playing out time to get to the private classes and I was always counting the stairs until I arrived. I was ringing the door bell and I was praying deeply that the teacher should not hear the door bell and so I could leave. But I was having bad luck all the time, the door was opening all the time and I was sitting down on the chair gloomy, hearing the ticking of the clock on the wall. These were the longest 2 hours from the high-school period. Now I feel like laughing about it when I remember the stupid reasons I was finding to get rid of the Monday private lesson. I was having the feeling that the teacher believed me when I was telling her I was feeling bad, that I had forgotten the key or I don’t know what other reasons. But now I do it for pleasure and it’s my own wish. Although I studied French for a long time and I lived in Paris for one month, being enrolled in a program, now I want to do some advance studies and learnt it fluently. At least 4 lessons during the week, no matter if they in Constanta or in Bucharest. Because my ambition knows no boundaries, at least at this age, I started going to the gym too. I have a special trainer. She makes me love sport and to get to work on it. Even if I get exhausted in there, I feel happy. I eat regularly and healthy. I removed bread almost for good for a few days, I don’t drink any juice and I even fight to give up sugar. I searched for Yoga classes, but, unfortunately, there are none at the sea shore. It’s all right, I will find something else to do. The most important thing is to do something, for my mental health and for my body. The more I keep my mind busy with something, the more I become more productive.


Now I get ready to leave to Urziceni, the fantastic Romanian little city. But I am glad to do it, because I have the chance to spend my time with my dear friends (who have left a few), to play tennis and to enjoy the sun and the pool in peace. It looks to me that I miss those ugly eye-sights I get sometimes. Or perhaps I am wrong and I have become paranoid and ignorant. But I feel stronger, which seems weird and impossible to explain.


Well, I really have to get the luggage ready, they are already crying and miss me. They haven’t travelled for quite a long time.


Kiss you all and wish you a wonderful weekend!

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