Full Moon

I do apologize to the ones having checked my blog these last days and having found nothing new there. I probably didn’t have the necessary inspiration, or enough time and I haven’t created a proper environment for this either. I did sat down for a couple of times in front of my laptop, but I had no idea whatsoever as to what to write there. I started writing 2 – 3 words and then I got stuck, somewhere in my lost thoumyghts. Things are different even today, but I said to myself I should let my imagination run wild and write down anything, something…

Approximately 1 week ago I met someone, a lady ..actually, I had seen her before, once, in my house. But because all the fuss that I’m in every day, I did not even have the time to shape her face in my mind. All sorts of people come into our lives, most of them in the most unexpected ways. I thank God for having given me the chance to constantly get to know new people, in different countries, cities and places… Each such person has helped me grow, learn or understand certain things. Some of them have literally changed my life, others have forced me to keep out of the way. However all of them have helped me become the person I am today. Good for some people, bad for others. Personality is something that one acquires upon his being born, but which is built in time, by help of the things he lives and learns. I got one thing from her: you get born on a certain day, at a certain moment in time, under a certain zodiacal sign. Astrology can be a mystery that’s not understood by just anyone. At any rate, the first writings indicating an astrological map date back a few thousands of years, the oldest horoscope being in Oxford, dating 410 before Christ. Hippocrates, Aristotle and many others have studied astrology. Their interpretations have differed, but it’s a clear fact that one logical definition of astrology has never existed and I believe, it never will. Planets and the latter’s positioning play a significant part in all of these. Thus, the way planets are positioned upon one’s birth count and most of all it influences many other things in one’s life and personality. One thing that’s easy to understand by anyone is the fool moon. We get much more agitated, some of us can’t sleep, kinds and kinds of strange things happen.. Of the very little I know so far, a full moon is the result of Sun’s opposition to the Moon, there resulting a tensed up aspect.

It’s not of my competence to say any more on astrology, however one thing is for sure: I’ve learnt that nothing is accidental, and that we particularly meet some people exactly when we have to meet them, due to a certain reason, whether explainable or not. I’ve met various types of people: positive, negativist, negligent and the list may go on. Without even noticing it, at that time of my life, I was getting in their mood, their way of being and I was changing my personality subject to the latter’s dreams and aspirations. Not completely of course, but only for a brief period of time. Those who made me most promises were the ones disappointing me the fastest. They made me dream and wish, but I was waiting in vain, without any result whatsoever. Maybe because on their way, they were using my energy, time and ambition to get somewhere, to some particular thing. I ran very fast away from these people, I don’t know how, but I just felt to do this. At the same time, I also met people who have restored my trust, who have guided me and provided me with support. There are so few the people who could see the potential in me and who knew one way or another to guide me towards what I actually wish. They have opened my eyes and forced me to leave my mask back home and just be my own self for a change. And now, I do remember an old man, former politician, whom I can talk to for hours and hours, as if swallowing each and every word, making me wish more and more each day. Because he’s constantly telling me that I can. I don’t know why I so badly need this trust provided by certain people. All I’ve succeeded in so far has bee due to a certain someone. Starting with my parents, my friends or simply the people who were complete strangers to me. I want to believe that far from these evil things that surround us every day, there are some wonderful beings hidden out there, who only use certain types of masks in order to survive or to actually make it.

Whether we want it or not, we also meet people who lie to us, cheat on us, let us down. There’s no problem. This is how it’s supposed to be and we have to learn something from all of these. … what exactly? I cannot actually say, it’s different from one person to another, depending on each and every single case. However, all these people who abandon us and make us suffer and waste our time, help us appreciate more the people we love and who are good in our lives. Because anyone has someone out there who gives him a state of happiness, with whom he shares a certain type of love and most importantly, that type of person with whom you can be yourself from all points of view.

The law of attraction plays a significant part every day of our lives, at least as far as I’m concerned. If I’m generous and positive, I attract this exact type of people. If I judge, I am judged and so on and so forth. Energy thieves are the most dangerous and the hardest to keep, generally speaking. Anyway, I don’t easily accept just anyone in my life. I’ve gone through some different stages, when I believed I knew everything, and better than anyone else. However I proved to myself that everything was at a verbal level, because mentally, my subconscious was hardly accepting that this wasn’t true. Intention is one of the most powerful emotions that you, as a person, may and can have. The intention to accept.

I’m still in the process of learning, growing and accepting.

Thank you A.

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