“Geniuses are made, not born”

I was in the subway, reading an extremely interesting book and stopped for a few second at these words. They make a lot of sense to me, just like they were embossed even though the entire book is fascinating. It was that kind of moment when you realize that someone else is sharing your opinion: there are no talented people, just more ambitious and more hardworking ones. As I always said, it is stupid to think about somebody who works 10 times more than the average one: yes man, he is talented. It’s completely wrong. One may have certain inclination towards arts, music, sports, math or anything else. You are not born with it, it is inoculated in your subconscious by your parents, teachers or by the people around you.

So many people I know excelled in sciences for a while, just to realise at one certain moment that they could be literary geniuses. Leonardo da Vinci is the perfect example: his art needs no introduction, but he was also a great Italian scientist and an inventor. He almost invented the helicopter, if he only had an engine strong enough to keep it in the air. So, where is the talent in here? What it really is? Just practice. To put something in the best possible light, you have to analyze yourself. In primary school I liked the exact sciences. We used to be a group of 3 or 4 bright pupils excelling in one way or another. We were working hard, were in top and crazy about finding the most unusual solutions of math or physics problems. It was interesting for a while, just until… I took it slower, spending less and less time solving problems, I was hardly interested in it… and so I managed to rank among the last three during high school.

Conclusion: without hardworking and lots of ambition, there is no way to be a genius. I may be overrating myself, but sometimes I feel that if I’d pay more attention to one single issue, If I’d leave aside all unnecessary stuff, than I could excel in what I like. But my weak point is that I become sloppy as soon as I feel the taste of success. Right now I don’t even know what I like best. There is nothing to keep me up all night. I appreciate the people who chose to specialise in certain fields: doctors, lawyers, journalists and so on. I wish them the power to work hard, to fight more than most people and to reach for their goals. There are many ordinary lawyers, but excellent ones are just few, but these few have been working 100 times more than the rest. Of course, luck came along with hard work. I could enounce like this: 70% work, 20% character, 9% luck, 1% the right moment. I repeat, this is just an opinion and is the way my mind works.

Equally true is the fact that the system leaves aside many geniuses, more important being their parents’ of friends’ connections, potential or who knows what. I like to believe that things would change at one point and also to understand the ones who create the present situation, at least in Romania. I was also included in this category and I was surely being judged. It was not about not being able to succeed by myself or not having potential, is just about our system: if you can afford it, you have to give, no matter how many or how great your qualities are. I never lacked self confidence when it was about reaching for my goals, I might even had too much of it and I set myself high targets. Until now, I succeeded every time. My only regret is I haven’t set a certain goal even since childhood. I was sloppy and now I envy the ones who are already where they decided to be or are still working hard for it. Your energy and time have to be perfectly channelled towards the desired ideal, preferably just one, a great one.

Therefore, this morning while drinking your coffee or carelessly browsing the newspaper, think about what you wish, where do you want to be and for what are you struggling, fighting with yourself, with time and everything else. Years are passing by unexpectedly fast. Don’t envy the ones who are ahead of you, but learn from them, see what you do wrong and change something in yourself. Find the ambition you need to spend more time for your dream. Don’t settle with small and easy things. What you wish to do during the next years have to be something you barely dare to dream about, something seeming impossible. I am absolutely certain that every person has the power to succeed. Therefore, starting today, breakfast is dreaming, lunch is ambition and dinner is success. When you lay down to sleep, review what you did for yourself today, think about new solutions and don’t let one day to end without being at least one step closer to your dream. The talent is in you, in each of us.

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