Good night

He walks into the house, all dressed up in a suit, wearing a tie. You, absolutely exhausted. Cooking, children, cleaning and a job on top of everything else. Not even you have any idea when you found the time to do your hair. Always looking your best. Everything as it should be. You are angry. He’s late, his hair is messed, shoe laces are tied differently than they were in the morning. … hardly can you see his cufflinks. He’s had his football match with the boys. He doesn’t have any eyes for you, however you still want him. You sit at the table. Dinner is ready, children are asleep. You’ve even lit up some candles.. You are in one corner, he’s staying in the opposite one. Could it possible he noticed the black stockings, with a perfect line on the rear side? Probably not. You lost some weight… For him… working out for several times a week, no bread after 7 p.m., one massage after another…. Ahhh… I believe the only thing he did see was the account balance… It keeps getting lower and lower. And suddenly he asks you, like for no reason, really « What are you doing with all the money ? ». you’re trying to explain, however he doesn’t get it or maybe he’s not even listening to you. You start pouring some red wine. He starts analyzing the bottle, he is pleased. It’s a good year ! He takes the glass in one hand and looks at you like faraway : « I’m so tired ». You start curving. You slowly touch your leg, you’re your hand through your hair. Looking at him all wishful and hot. He keeps his head deep in his plate. You stand up, leaning. He also stands up. You start literally to boil …. Hoping! He’s holding you in his arms. Your heart is pounding. You’re waiting, trembling. He kisses you on your forehead and leaves. “Good Night”.

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