Him and Her

Soul mates, no logical explanation, always one for each other: you, us, I… this is how it works. It doesn’t even matter how and when did it start. All that matters is that they love each other. How beautiful is the beginning of a love story? Butterflies in your stomach and the craziness that make you surrender and give you the courage to do anything. When you feel like the world is at your feet, that your better half is the entire world that nothing makes any sense without him/her and that one second apart from each other is too much, all that means you’re in love. All your feelings are more intense, colours are brighter, little things which used to seem insignificant becomes priority. I’m sure we’re falling in love more than once in a life time, but only one is like no other. You can never know how long it will last, where it will take you and especially what it will eventually happen. I’ve met couples which were together for a month, a year or a life time. Compatibility is of the essence, but the compromise had an important role. This is pretty much how it works for the happy couples.


Nice introduction, isn’t it? The beginning is always beautiful, romantic, memorable and unique for each of us.


Him, in the beginning:

He is grooming himself for the first date. Every detail is armed to the teeth. There is nothing wrong you can find. He is nice and smiling, hanging on your every word; he agrees with all you say, supports your ideas and even encourages you to keep on as your way is the best way. He picks you up from home, waiting two blocks away; he’s not willing to meet your parents from the first evening. If your father would have any idea what is he dreaming about, there would be shootings in the neighbourhood. No way… men are not thinking only about sex. You are going to a restaurant. He is politely opening the first door for you (he is the first entering the second door), trying to look like a real gentleman, but he just looks one more time at your posterior. You turn your head and see him looking down, at his laces. He shows a little smile while you both are being let to the best table. He pulls your chair and sits looking into your eyes. He lets you choose the drink, no matter the price. If he is a connoisseur, he is also testing you a bit to see how much you know and to show off with his knowledge about wines.


Generally, men are not vein, they are only thinking about the woman next to them, especially at the first date. You are both little tipsy, the dinner is over and he asks for the check. There is no way to deny his rights. Here is up to you if you are trying or not. Full of confidence, he takes out his card and shows you how powerful he is. The tip, even if already included, is almost half of the amount. Love and the woman are important, not money. Proud and confident, he walks to the car. Out of the blue: “My dear, I want to go home. Will you give me a ride, or shall I take a taxi?” His big smile vanished, he is stuttering without answering. He is disappointed to sleep alone tonight. What a pity!


It was good to write about him first. The weaker gender is always the one thinking more and, eventually, more interesting, so…


Her at the beginning:


Spends 3 hours in the bathroom and changes 10 outfits. This dress is too long, the other one is too short, the trousers don’t fit; the shoes do not lift her bottom enough. The décolletage has to be appropriate, to let enough skin, but to keep more to be discovered. She is ready one hour earlier, even though she is usually late, she checks the time and the time is moving slowly. She hopes he will be on time. The phone rings, he is outside. She is stuttering and tells him she only needs 5 more minutes, powders her nose and puts a drop of perfume. After one more look in the mirror, she finally goes out, concentrated not to stumble and to keep her back straight. She is impressed, he brought her a rose. Strange, she can’t understand how he knew she likes red roses. For him it is quite simple: most women adore red roses. She is so shy and nervous; they drive to the restaurant while having small talk. She wants to know as much as possible, he is just analysing. She tells him how her day was and she is so happy to see he looks interested and has all the answers. He passes every test, impressing her even more when she notices how much manners mean to him. Talking over the table, she pays attention to every detail: he doesn’t talk with the food in his mouth; he is not a heavy drinker. When he starts talking about usual stuff she starts dreaming: will his folks like me? Where will he take me on our first holiday? How long until he’ll propose? What a difference between her thoughts and his, at least at this first date. But nothing can stop you from dreaming.

She begins to reach the table and snap her fingers. Maybe he would understand that it’s a sign of affection. But no, he is just willing to finish his meal. She is already thinking about him holding her in his arms, holding her hand, kissing her. She is dreaming and willing, but no, it can’t be so, mom told her: never from the first date. She leaves aside her thoughts saying: “I want to go home. Shall we have a coffee tomorrow?”

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