How important is ambition in life?

First of all what is ambition?

That crazy desire to succeed, achieve success and especially the desire of being different. It’s the thing that makes you want to achieve your goal, to do something special. Ambition is the thing that makes you do more than you think you can, the strange thing that makes you think out of the box.

Ambition makes you feel better. It awakens your hope, pushes you from behind and makes you think more, increasingly more. Ambition helps you give a purpose to your life; create a goal, a target. You always start from the idea: I want to do this, I want to go there. Everything is easier; the impossible can become possible even since the first steps. Look around and ask yourself why can the other and you can not? Why is your boss younger than you? I know, you will simply answer: he had connections. Wrong. You can’t solve a thing, no matter the help, if you don’t want to, if you don’t give more.

First step. Think about what you want, as much as you want to and especially why do you want it? What will you win? Where will you get? Do not just create evil ambitions. You’ll get nowhere. You will darken your soul and consciousness. Learn not to be afraid and find the courage to start your adventure in the race to obtain what you want.

Believe in you, from the start. Never say “no”, “it’s too much”, “I can’t”, “I don’t know how”. If you do it just once, stop, you are not on the right path. You have to better analyze your purpose and values. Think about the way you can improve them or the way you can use their full capacity. Grab a ball pen and a sheet and start to make a plan, simple but sure. You have to get from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to get to). The line between is the path you must take. Charge yourself with everything you need but the most important thing, with AMBITION. Never give up. Simple things don’t last. Big things need time.

Remember! The lack of ambition is like a wardrobe without jeans. You can live without jeans, I know. But try to do it. Only then you will understand what I mean.

Do you like what you do now? Is this what you have been dreaming since childhood? If your answer is NO, I will tell you that you didn’t have the necessary ambition. Don’t try to use your mother, father, neighbor or any other reasons you may find at the moment. There is no one to blame that you didn’t take twice as much effort, no one is to blame that you were stuck in the same place, at the same level for so much time. Only you!

You still have time to change; you can still do what you like, start to work at one of your plans, a plan of success. I do not mean just the job. I mean everything, everything about you. Ambition must be in you every minute. You must want a better life, a better family, a better job. If success was something easily done everybody would scream of happiness. It doesn’t come all at once, baby steps, firm steps.

You don’t want to change? Are you satisfied with what you have? With what you can do? Very good! But stop pointing fingers to the one who keeps progressing, stop picking holes in the coats of the ones making money, stop misjudging people who achieve more than you do. Settle for less, and that’s it.

And… don’t you see yourself as a lucky person? Luck comes from the years spent working. Even when you think you got it over night; ask yourself how many hours of sleep deprivation, how many sketches and plans did he make and especially how much ambition did he have – the lucky one?

Start right now. Ambition yourself.

How many times did I use the word “ambition”? Or maybe you don’t have enough ambition to find the answer.

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