It’s all about love today

Good morning everyone. I woke up, made the coffee and, the first thing I did was to get on the blog, of course. One comment regarding the text I wrote yesterday made me think about it: “It is so true what you are talking about! But where is the place of the heart?” The heart! It has a vital function in the blood stream and in keeping life. It consists in 2 atriums and 2 ventricles. It’s all that simple, logical and systematical. Search on Google for the “functions of the heart” and you’ll find full lists, with difficult terminology and perhaps impossible to understand.


Generally speaking, we, the people, when we refer to the feelings, we relate them to the heart involuntarily. But, the psychologists concluded that the feelings are generated by the brain. I cannot and I have no power to fight back the opinions of the specialists, but I have the right to an opinion here in my virtual space, I have the right to write about anything I want. We all try to avoid the pain and we look for pleasure. Indeed, the brain has the capacity to think, analyze and decide. But it does not feel anything. The body is feeling, quivering, vibrating and reacting. Thus, the heart is somewhere between them.


Love, hate, jealousy, nervousness or disappointment are part of our life. Love is present since we are born. Although it has no justification, a baby sleeps better, eats better and is feeling comfortable in the arms of his mother. The love feeling is present. Each of us loves in his own way, in our own world. We love according to the age, to the maturity. The body is asking for it, the brain is feeling and the heart loves. When we grow up from mental point of view, our needs for love are growing up too. We feel sympathy for the kindergarten mate in front of us, who is playing with the favorite teddy bear or who is stealing our food. Later, we start to love the flowers and the teenagers’ kisses. That’s what we are looking for and this is all we really need and fills us up at that age. When we are 18-20 years old, we love more intensively. The girls are looking for a relationship, the boys (most of them) want more experience. The gap between sexes is present here and this can be the explanation of the theory according to which the girls want to get involved into relationships with older men, more mature and with more experience. The young ones are still growing up and are still searching.


The heart is a palpable organ, but the love is abstract. It is alive through the soul, it feeds itself with emotions and grows up by feelings. Why do we fall in love? I don’t know. And I believe it would be simple to find the explanation or the equation of this thing. Regardless that everything around us is calculated and systemized, we should let the feeling free at least, let them play and dance in the universe. The most beautiful moments and the most beautiful memories are kept alive because of this feeling. When you love with your entire being, you feel strong and it looks as if you have all the power to tread under your feet. You communicate with the one next to you through non-words, you become a whole and spill honey on every wound. The problems simply vanish and the heart is happy because it gets what it really wants, you dream with your eyes open. The time seems to fly away, the days are passing, the nights are lighted and you feel abandoned in the arms of the happiness. Nothing matters anymore. You have everything ad you don’t want anything else. You become the prisoner of a world which you had no idea it really existed. You give unconditionally, you accept everything, in any way…the soul is singing and nothing has boundaries. You communicate through the eyes and touches. Love defeats absolutely everything.


Love needs freedom, creates addiction and, more than that, it gives. That’s why you must love and be loved. But, when love is denied, here comes the other aspect of love, the suffering. But not now, not today. It’s all about love today! Leave everything for a few minutes and love someone. Get the phone and make a declaration of love, hug someone tight in your arms, give a kiss. Let the sparkle of the eyes to light your path. Love…

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