Life in Chelsea


What have I learned after living in Chelsea?


It is so strange that I lived for almost 7 years in London, but I only started to understand British culture or British people, or maybe just the real life in London, after I moved to Chelsea.


Here are 50 points that you should take into consideration:

(it is not compulsory of course 🙂 )



  1.  always say “thank you”, “please” and “sorry” (I am not joking, ALWAYS, every single sentence)
  2. always smile
  3. ask about the weather
  4. always have an umbrella
  5. don’t ask personal questions (age, money, job, wife/husband)
  6. don’t talk about your family or about your business unless you are very-very-very 🙂 close to that person
  7. don’t wear make up, unless you going to a party (mascara OR lipstick it is allowed 🙂 )
  8. don’t wear high heals when you walk the dog, you go to the gym or when you do shopping
  9. you can have a spare pair of shoes in your bag (it is more than normal)
  10. don’t misjudge their old houses (might be more expensive than you could ever imagine)
  11. speak proper English
  12. don’t be surprise when police smiles to you
  13. you will see more fathers with the pram than mothers (especially in the afternoon)
  14. dogs are considered exactly like kids and they are welcome everywhere, because they are well-behaved
  15. don’t put earrings on your little baby girl (gipsy style)
  16. eat with the fork in your left hand (never right)
  17. no cash, always card
  18. never talk about religion
  19. political affiliation is not something to talk about
  20. drive slowly and always respect the rules
  21. never ask for a toothpick in a restaurant
  22. good restaurant will not provide paper tissues (don’t ask for one)
  23. never chew gum
  24. you can smoke anywhere as long as you are outside 🙂
  25. there’s no dress code and you will never be judge by your clothes (unless you are too vulgar, or too show off )
  26. curly means wavy
  27. long nails are considered gipsy style
  28. never disagree – always be polite
  29. never use your phone during dinner/lunch (they actually leave their phone in the car or in their bag/jacket to show how respectful they are)
  30. nobody is afraid of the government
  31. it is not important to wear bling-blings, it is much more important to wear something simple and branded
  32. always eyes to eyes contact when you have a conversation
  33. never be rude
  34. be quiet and patient
  35. never complain
  36. always help
  37. always apologize when someone bumps into you
  38. make compliments (even to strangers)
  39. respect the queue
  40. pay your tax on time
  41. pay your fines
  42. always eat everything from your plate
  43. never say “no”, just “maybe”
  44. read the newspapers (you should always be informed about what’s going around the globe)
  45. don’t take pictures without permission
  46. good humor is always allowed, jokes only after a while
  47. it’s “trousers” not “pants”
  48. you take a “cab”, not a “taxi”
  49. never refuse an invitation
  50. always look interested even if you are not!


And don’t forget…again and again.. Thank you…Please…Sorry!!!

Thank you for your time! :))





3 thoughts on “Life in Chelsea”

  1. Buna,

    Buna ziua,
    Imi cer scuze ca va abordez pe facebook si nu intr-un mod mai professional, prin e-mail.
    Numele meu este Iuliana Chitac si ca cercetatoare doctoranda mi-ar face enorma placere sa includ povestea dumneavostra ca femeie de afacere Romanca de success in acesta cercetare.
    Sunt convinsa ca povestea dumneavostra poate influenta nu numai imaginea comunitatii romanesti din Marea Britanie, dar inspira si alte femei.
    Doar o ora din viata dumneavostra poate influenta alte vieti si pareri, sau simplu poate ajuta un alt roman.
    Va rog sa nu ezitati sa intrebati orice. As fi onorata sa va cunosc si sa aud povestea dumneavostra.
    Scuze daca am indraznit. Sa aveti o saptamana frumoasa. As aprecia un raspuns.
    Cu respect, Iuliana Gherasim Chitac , o romanca deosebita ca toti ceilalti romani in Londra.

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