Me and my writing

Even I ask myself why now? Why is it that this very day I have decided upon starting to create, gather, and write all in one place? I have so much written stuff, in so many places, that there are some items I completely forget about. All gathered in a number of years. Brief or long phrases, boring texts or interesting texts, written in a cab, at the wheel, at school, or in a restaurant. They’ve all got their story, their place, their fragrance…because I’m always struck by my imagination in the most unexpected moments in time. When I want to write I can’t, my mind just blocks and my hands get blocked on the keyboard. I write a lot when I get melancholic, when I live a different feeling, when I see something that touches me. I write in a simple, perhaps much too simple style. Without any big words, without any metaphores, because I always write how I feel.

It’s been a while since I asked myself how my web page would be named. I could never come up with a suggestion, it always seemed too much, or to little, or too corny. I believe that until now I have opened at least 10 pages, with distinct names, colours or expressions. But after a while, when I entered and saw them, they did not tell me anything, I was simply not there, that’s all.

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