Me and the Fish

I had a cup of tea, next to the aquarium in the restaurant. And I stayed and looked there at the fish in the water.. Small and colorful, of various sizes. Each having its own role, its unique personality. I’ve started to imagine their life, what they were thinking…

–       What are you doing here? You’re staring at us and scare us.

–       It’s not my intention..

–       What do you want then..?

–       To get to understand you….

–       Do you think we understand you? You keep us closed in a bottle, deprive us from our freedom. Do you know what’s the most important thing in the life of each and every being?

–       No, I don’t..

–       Well, it’s freedom. You have it. You eat what you want, walk where you wish, do what you please.. Me, instead, I eat what you give me, and not what I like. I turn round and round in the same space, with the same fish. At the beginning it was interesting, to discover their personality and their way of being. To accept their moods, to learn their habits. I even found myself a wife, the one over there picking up some food for the kids. Yes, our kids. I’m proud of them. But what could I possible offer them in this confined environment?

–       Maybe they don’t think like you, perhaps they are happy..

–       Well, I taught them not to think like me, not to limit themselves, to always wish something more… but if they don’t have freedom, I just hope they shall be healthy, since health comes immediately second after freedom.

–       I hope they will..I wish you were all happy.. What can I do for you to be healthy?

–       Throw us a couple of vitamins from time to time. Food is not enough, we need much always needs much more, don’t ever forget that.

–       All the time… much more……

–       Yes. Because that’s what I want. What about you? Don’t you wish that too? Well, of course you do. I see all kinds of people in this restaurant, for such a long time. I’m the oldest here. Particularly children, who come and stick their hands on the glass, as if they came inside. They don’t know how to respect our privacy, they stick their nose everywhere. Wouldn’t it be easier for them just to look at us from a distance?

–       Well, yes, I suppose so… but look at me, even I got close.. and I’m not a child any more… I was curious…

–       I’m also curious myself, everyone is.. But you have to learn to look from the distance and learn.. learn how to respect one man’s space.. could you eat if some stared at you? Of course you couldn’t. Have you seen me got stuck on this glass and disturb you? No, you haven’t. So many times you have stayed here, perhaps not even looking at us, but we haven’t bothered you then also. We’ve just looked at you. That’s all.

–       But maybe we, people, do this without realizing… we don’t do it on purpose..

–       maybe not, but you don’t want to learn either… you get blocked, analyzing and disturbing..

–       I am sorry…

–       Don’t be! Learn!

–       Learn what?

–       You’ll get to know what … at the right place and the right time. Don’t rush into learning something you do not need right now, however don’t let time pass and you leave behind, because you get dumb, instead of moving forward…. Now, don’t say anything else, just take a time and reflect … nothing more.

–       well…

–       Shhh… I’m out of here… I’ll be waiting for you…


My conversation with a fish. To be noted, this text is dedicated to those crazy people in my galaxy…

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