I think of Monday as the worst day of the week and I think there are many who agree with me. Firstly the alarm rings at 6.30. I am happy I can sleep for 30-40 minutes more. I turn over and doze again. It is the time when morning dreams come and seem the longest and the most beautiful dreams ever. I never get to the end of it before the second alarm. I feel like crying and cheerless as I get out of bed. Once again last night I didn’t pick the clothes for today. So, again, I only have a few minutes before pulling the door behind me and leave for work with an empty stomach, but luckily there is a cafe next to the subway station where I have the same sandwich every day only that it tastes better on Monday morning. The shopkeeper smiles at me and starts preparing it without asking. He looks more tired than I am. Usually weekends are for relaxation. It’s been a long time since I spent my weekend lingering in bed all day long. I am either on my way to the airport, I am packing or I have to meet certain friends because of the lack of time. Anyway, I like it this way and I don’t complain. Time seems to go slower. Even if there are a lot to do, 2 hours fly and it seems like I have spent the whole day in that chair. I am fussing and turning around, I have one more coffee, but it is in vain, today is Monday. E-mails come in bunches, the phone keeps ringing. I move in slow motion, like there is no energy left in me, is like watching an hour glass in which sand runs so boringly slow that it makes it hard for me to concentrate. I give up checking the time and I get busy. The stack of orders is huge, holding my own head; I try to count them and loose track. Such a day requires so much concentration, I take a breath, grab the mouse and I start working. Three hours later they do appear to be fewer so I take a break and go to grab something to eat. The restaurant downstairs seems to have a horrible menu on Monday and I don’t understand why so I only take another sandwich. I also take a bag of cheeps and I slowly return to the office. Half the day is over so the rest of it cannot be so bad.


One way or another, the work day is over. When I start collecting my stuff, I look at the clock and realize how many things I still have to do in such a short time. What if I do nothing of what is left to be done? What if I stop answering the calls of those people who bother me with insignificant problems? What if today I just say no to everything? Is there anything bad that could happen? Definitely, not! I was actually thinking, I never run out of energy, I never stared at the phone ignoring it while it was ringing. I always did what I was supposed to do; I answered quickly and helped as much as I could. I am not sorry for that, but it looks like being too fair is not the best policy these days, don’t you think the same? Those who refuse to answer to unknown phone numbers are more interesting, those always having a full planner, those who just say “I can’t”, are more interesting as they need more help and protection. Today, instead of fussing around like crazy, I’d rather ignore everybody, at least for now, in the evening… Today is Monday, I am tired and I don’t want anything, absolutely anything. I don’t even need food. To be honest, I love to crunch something before getting into bed, but today I am too lazy for it, I just wait for the day to end… Monday…


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