One Jewish quote used to say: “God just found it impossible to be everywhere, therefore, He created moms.”

The first word that most babies say is: mom. And at the same time, it’s my belief that this is one of the most well known words at an international level. Even in China, every time I used to call my mom in a store, in the street, people used to turn their heads and smile. It’s true that they did not understand simple words, however this little word used to ring in their ears.

I can say that I am lucky for having a young, beautiful and strong mom…. I’m not sure I am able to describe her the way she deserves it, anyway she’s the most wonderful person in my life! Anytime, anyhow, anywhere…

She has carried me in her womb for 9 months.. She has carried me with her everywhere, inside her body.. She has suffered to give birth to me and as of that very moment I was in her soul and thoughts on a constant basis. The feeling she gives me cannot be compared to anything in this whole wide world. She loves me unconditionally, she provides me with education and a lot of support.. Being with her makes me feel strong, I feel as if I can stamp on anyone and everyone and no matter what I might do, she always finds the way to tell me that what I did was right.

During these recent years, I haven’t been with her, but not one day went by when I did not talk to her. The first thing I see in the morning is the message from my mom, anywhere I might find myself in this world,  no matter how tired she might be and regardless of how many problems she might have, she wishes me to have a very nice day. She calls me just to hear my voice. She can just sense my mood, without me telling her anything at all.. I am addicted to her and her words to me. Our relationship gets deeper and deeper. I have long gone that critical age, when everything she told me seemed absurd and when I just wouldn’t listen to her. Now I’m trying to memorize every single word and piece of advice she’s giving me. She’s never wrong, it’s as if she’s holding a map of the future in her hand and she’s reading from it. The safety she provides me with makes me feel more and more like a woman. I am and shall always be a child for her, even when I’m 50. Even then I shall still place my head on her lap and I shall still get that unique feeling when her hand finds its way through my hair.

My mother is an every day mom, this being the toughest attribution a woman can have. But she has never forgotten how to be the best wife, the most dignified and elegant lady and at the same time a business woman, as well. I really don’t know how she makes it, how she does to have the time and how she manages dividing her energy so as to be successful on all levels. I’m 23 and I’ve never even once seen her getting out of the house not looking sparkle, not fulfilling her daily chores or not keeping her promises to so many people who are depending upon her on a daily basis. The word “perfect” is to little, as far as she’s concerned.. She gives love in a completely different manner, not by words. She gives love by her facts. Looking cold at a first glance, her soul is wormer and more welcoming than anyone can imagine. There’s no such thing as the impossible to her. She thinks, creates and settles the issues. She often talks by being silent, her eyes tell me everything, bursting with energy, love and protection. I tell her “It hurts…” and she immediately knows what exactly hurts me. She always finds the best cure ever.. She sincerely takes part in my own joy. We use to cry and laugh together. We build… a better life, a better future.

There’s no synonym for the word MOM, since moms are unique….for every single one of us..

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