One Day

1 day, 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,000 minutes


How do you manage time?


I love 24 hours out of 24, I sleep for 7 hours, think for 17 hours. I waste a lot of time on the phone and laptop, sometime because I have to, sometime just because I am addicted to it. I guess I spend about 2 hours eating lunch, dinner or just crunching something, I spend 1 hour to get informed, reading newspapers, seeing what’s new. All together, I spend about 120 minutes over the phone or on wattsapp with my family or friends. Aside from the breaks, I spend about 7 hours working. I waste another 2 hours on my way to the office and back home. About 3600 seconds every morning and every evening before dinner are for putting on my make-up, changing God knows how many outfits, trying 3 pairs of shoes and for other small women’s stuff. I also waste about 30 minutes every day looking for things. One day I can’t find a blouse, another one I need an e-mail, or I lose my head and forget about everythingJ. Everyday there is something I have to take care of, and this happens to everyone: banking, invoices, letters and on top of all there is shopping for groceries, not to mention the ones for shoes and purses. This takes another hour or so.


Adding all the above, there are 30 minutes left every day. More or less, of course, there is always a margin.


In this case, is there any time left for me, as a woman, to do the washing, to iron, cook and, if such case, raise a child? I can’t skip the hair salon. Any woman should be taking care of herself. Maybe there is no time left for massages, facials, but at least the bare necessities, you should seriously question yourself if you don’t to nothing in this respect. The matter is too vast so I’ll talk about it some other day. Exercising should also be included in daily routine. I kind of neglected it lately, but I promise to get back to normal as soon as possible. 45 minutes should be spent at the gym, on the tennis court or at the swimming pool. Anywhere, anytime, as long as you do some sport!

I kept asking myself if is just me not having enough time or maybe the calculation algorithm is wrong. I guess that the only logical explanation is that I want too many things in such a short time. Be patient!

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