One feeling

What a strange feeling.. My last evening in Shanghai.. Everything comes to an end. Just like the trip from Beijing a few days ago, the escapade in Guangzhou yesterday. Even now I can recall packing my bags at home, I was really nervous and did not know exactly what was going to happen to me. It seemed like for ever when using the words “two months”. Now that I come to think about it, I haven’t the slightest idea how time flew. Time flies much too fast. Although I’ve done a lot of things in all this time, and I have also learnt a lot, it still seems that I haven’t done enough, it’s as if I could have done more. I feel really awkward, I don’t know why, because I wish so badly to get back home, because I miss it, I so much miss it. This evening there shall be my last dinner here with some of the friends I made here. I was sitting with my flat colleagues in the dining room and it was such a heavy silence there. Although in less than half an hour we have to leave for the restaurant. We stood up in turn from the sofa and went to our rooms, with thousands of thoughts in our minds, as well as with a bunch of regrets too. We’ve been like a family, united and we got along very well. I hate to break up with the people I love, to have to tell them good bye, not knowing if I ever get to see them again. People here have become part of my life, and now they are a part of it. In a way they have changed me, they have taught me and have become my friends.

I honestly don’t know what I could write more, since I feel a real pressure inside my soul. The pain of having to leave somewhere behind the people I now love. The memories and the moments spent together shall always be present in my mind and thoughts. Silent and pensive, we turn off the light, close the door behind us and head to the restaurant.

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