One summer day

I miss summer days, when I used to wake up any time I wanted, I used to jog from morning till evening “in the streets”, I used to do everything I wished for, walking with my bare feet. I terribly miss the friendships I had those days, the lack of responsibilities, the drawing with chalk on sidewalks and the bath I had every evening that made me feel like new for the following day. Summer is different subject to age. When I was around 15 – 16 of age, I used to love staying up late at night, looking at the moon, the rain, as well as the teenage love in every single year. Time flies, problems pile up, feelings vanish into thin air. The day seems to get shorter. Seasons are no longer the way they used to be when we were young, spare days tend to become less the older you become. Childhood spirit stays somewhere behind when summer holiday is no longer present.


I spent this summer in China, working. From Monday to Friday I used to wake up at 7.30, I was waiting for the weekend as the best present of the week. The Friday evening feeling, when I laid my head on the pillow and thought that the next morning I could wake up any time I pleased, was absolutely wonderful. If one day before I went out of bed in my last minute, on Saturday I used to open my eyes at 8 a.m. I started to pray in my mind to sleep some more, but I couldn’t. The idea to wake up early had become like my second nature, it was a real duty for me. A duty to whom? I believe only to me. Our biological clock differs from one individual to another. I for one, would wish to sleep some more, but my body says no.


The same happened last night when I went to bed around 11 p.m., forcing myself to sleept at least 6 hours. Last time I looked at the watch it was around 2 a.m., at 5.15 the clock rang, I had to wake up. I had to leave for the airport in 45 minutes. And again there was the issue with the luggage, and again the crazy haste to get a cab in the morning in Shanghai. In my recent 5 years I have made my luggage on an almost weekly basis. And when I say luggage, I refer at least to one suitcase, one small handbag and a larger purse so that I could stuff some other things in there as well. I have made several attempts to set some limits for myself, however I failed in this attempt. I always feel there’s something missing, I need that pair of shoes as well, I also need that small bag, a big bag…, ok, maybe even an average one as well. What if I spill my coffee on my shirt before leaving the house? What if it’s cold? What if it’s hot? And so on and so forth, it can take hours to write on how many things go through my mind when I get ready to leave. However, now I have a unique dexterity. Even if I leave for 1 month let’s say, it won’t take me more than 20 minutes to pack.


With a 2 hour delay we have finally reached Guangzhou. In terms of these too frequest voyages, there are two things I hate: when I lose my luggage or when I sit on a plane or in the waiting room due to any air traffic problems or when any more investigations are necessary. As related to losing my luggage, this has happened to me a couple of times. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you reach your destination without any spare clothes, or the thought that you may never recover your belongings. You are waiting close to the luggage band; you are hoping that the next load will have your luggage as well, until a noise is heard and the band stops. And then you realize you don’t even have any underwear, not to mention the personal belongings. That’s how I learnt my lesson; in your hand luggage you should always have some place for “emergency” stuff. That’s one piece of advice to be taken into consideration!


Getting back to my new destination, China has once again surprised me. Although I’m here with my mom for only less than 3 days, during which time we have to do a lot of running, today we took some time to visit the city for a little bit. Guangzhou is the third city as economic power in China. Several huge buildings, big fuss, horrible traffic and the lack of English are much more present than in Shanghai and Beijing.




And that’s how another day has gone by. A full day when I’ve learnt something new. It’s getting dark very quickly. Therefore, after one such tiring day, I have set down with my mom to a glass of white wine, telling whatever we wish and we are watching the lights lit in all the tall buildings of the city..

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