It’s raining. For me, rain is just a source of serenity, it makes me stay quiet and listen. I like watching how the drops keep falling from the sky, covering everything: people, cars, houses. Plants are the happiest; trees seem to make a bow thanking the sky, the flowers, even if burned by the weight of the drops, bloom and it looks like they are smiling and happy. These little things make me feel happy when it rains. Two lovers take shelter under a roof and they are kissing and holding tight. They wait for the rain to stop. We all seem to shrink, we nestle and take shelter. We clean ourselves. So many times I ran in the rain, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, chasing happiness or just running away from trouble.


When did you last cried in the rain, alone and sad, or maybe with a glass of wine in your hand, staring at the window, with your thoughts wandering through the rain drops?


When was the last time you felt the rain while being happy, feeling loved and holding the loved one in your arms, forgetting everything and, holding hands, you went on with the rain in your hair?


The rain makes you think, makes you feel, makes you desire. You lose yourself on the memory lane in a state of meditation and an intimate atmosphere. Your home changes colours when everything outside is grey and dark. Emotions are at their maximum level and sensitivity takes its place in our souls. The air feels warm and tender and everything seems to be asleep.  Silence replaces the noise, rain drops touch everything, there are no thunders and lighting in the picture.


It is quiet. It rains. I think. I am alive.

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