Thank You

A different kind of morning. My work starts to pay off. And I feel great. Thank you all who take a few seconds to visit my blog.

I was taking a random look on Facebook and I started reading the following:

“Sunday, September 21st 2013

First of all be human, it’s not money that matters….

Generally I find it very easy to talk and interpret other people’s feelings, I empathize a great deal, however the things that I myself am living, I find almost impossible to describe…. Anyway, I shall try…

Today, I woke up, just as usual, made myself a cup of coffee and took a sit in front of my laptop, on Facebook of course, so as to read some more on other people’s postings, to share what I like and decode the moods of some of the people I know or some whom I don’t know…it’s so nice to discover that some people, although you only know them at a superficial level, you only say “Hi” to them in the street, they prove to have such a deep way of thinking….

Today I shall talk about one such acquaintance of mine!

I’ve read her postings which made me feel quite nice – actually, with each of her postings, she made me believe that, although I am a beautiful, renowned woman in my city, having money and being the daughter of a well – known business man, this woman also had feelings of distress, frustration, the latter being of course triggered by people who simply cannot see beyond the fact that I have the money and the clothing items that I possess ….such a shame….I also found myself in the position of criticizing and judging this type of people, without giving them the chance to be seen beyond the material stuff ….and yet, deep down inside I somehow felt sorry for having such a reaction….

Sometimes you are so blind by your own suffering, your failures, your envy of other people who have everything and don’t lack anything at all, you are determined by the society you live in to make a different judgment, your family, that you just cannot see the fact that perhaps you are more serene and happier by having nothing, than the other one having everything is, who, although having absolutely everything, has no such profound feelings, has no freedom, perhaps he hasn’t God, whom for me is Primordial. ……

It has been very difficult for me to reach such a way of thinking… however, I am so happy now that I got rid of these preconceptions…..Anyway….I’m very well the way I am right now and as arrogant as I am, I really didn’t need any other kind of family. …since my family taught me that beyond money there is so much more profound and better for me ….. and for that I thank my family from the bottom of my heart!!!!!! ”

I don’t know if there’s anything else to say any more. For me it has been enough.

Thank you Nicola Ileana Dafina.

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