The subconsciousness


I woke up with a tune in my head, and above all with a line: “ Only hate the road when you missin’ home”. Although I absolutely love this song, I neither hate the roads nor miss home. Because home is everywhere as far as I’m concerned. Yesterday in Urziceni, today in Constanta and tomorrow in Bucharest. Everwhere I feel like I’m home. Every bed is my favourite bed, I try to create the necessary comfort and to adjust it to my needs in any dwelling I  might lay my head on the pillow in the evening. However, time is my main problem and concern. Free time in particular, if it’s too little it harms me, but if it’s too much, it harms me a great deal. There’s no routine as far as I’m concerned, although I often find myself looking for one such routine when I need to calm myself down for a little bit. I have often been fascinated with people running from morning till evening, who have 2 jobs, one family, go to the gym, do the shopping and even have time for themselves. I admired them from a distance and I have set my mind to include myself in their category one day. On the other hand, I looked amazed at the people who don’t do anything all day long, wasting their time and leaving the day pass them by, without realizing the mistake they are making for themselves in the first place.

I’ve learnt that human mind is spiritual while human body is material. Every second our body and mind interact. That’s where the idea of positive thinking springs out.  Optimisim is a healing resource first of all and the key of the connection between the mind, body and actions that we carry out on a day to day basis. From my own perspective, the brain is the most complex thing that has ever existed and will ever exist in the future. Since both the mind and the body are part of the same whole, the connection between them should be perceived as a relationship. For instance, the body walks, runs, hits, while the mind thinks, looks for solutions and settlements. How many time have we proposed not to eat any more bread, to go to the gym, not to drink any more coffee, and others alike? Our mind has said yes, but our body has said no. however, according to our specialists, our body is controlled by the mind. Thus, what went wrong? What’s missing?

Mind should be provided with an unlimited power, you should let it work, create, delimitate and above all, control. Subconsciouness is the incredible power of the human mind. Tell your child from the very early age that he is not good, that he is weak, and that he fails to do something well, and you can be sure that this is what he will do all his life. Show your admiration to your mom for the work she has done and you shall see that she shall work harder in the days to come. The suggestion made to the brain is man’s most powerful weapon. Another example is represented by the critical situations where we have been and the miraculous resolution that we have found. The biggest secret of success lies in subsconsciousness. It is the biggest treasury of the human body. It does not have to be acquired or bought, we all already have it. All we have to do is learn how to use it, how to educate it and let it free. Regardless of the fact that we live in a world where there is also pain, sufference, tears, this hidden force that we possess is much stronger and regardless of the serious character of the problem, this force is stronger than anything else. I know so many examples, when cripled people have got to the point when they started walking, sick people have fought and defeated cancer, blind people have regained their sight and so on and so forth. The conscious part of the mind has accepted the problem, however the way how it has been implanted came to fruition. Positive thinking and ambition have helped the subconsciouness fight and solve the problem.

Most people live in the outside world, focusing on physical and material stuff. Few are those who succeed in focussing their attetion on the interrior world, reaching the point when they discover and do things that they did not even suspect they could do some time before. Everything you think and build at the inside, is a reflection in terms of the exterior conditions. Don’t trace any boundaries. Never say “I can’t do this”, because even if you don’t realize this, your subconsciousness gets this indication and does not even attempt to change anything. Change your way of thinking, let your judgment be free, give it the power that belongs to it and that’s the only way how you can make a positive influence on life. There’s nothing to lose in trying. Start right now.

“For an as accurate as possible understanding of the phenomena occuring in our mind, we shall consider our mind to be like a garden. You are the gardener who plants various seeds all through the day (these are the thoughts maintained within our own subconsciouness). What you seed right now in your subconsciouness is what you shall harvest as effects later on, in terms of both your body and your destiny. ” Joseph Murphy.

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