Today I feel like living

First word coming into my mind this morning was sun. I woke up smiling, I pulled the curtains and I rubbed my eyes.  What a beautiful day. A lot of excitements, people began to give up their coats; I saw no umbrella – finally! I ate healthy food, I turned the music up and I wore warm colors. I usually go through a big adventure to find a taxi, but today I just raised my hand and pop – it stopped. First thing a taxi driver in London says is about weather, actually, everybody here talks about it. So today was: “Such a nice weather”.

I always try to be in a good mood, but I can say it’s been a while since I felt this way. Nothing special happened, I didn’t do anything new, I just craved for … life, a lover, walking, laughing, drinking white wine while wearing my sunglasses and holding a good book … on a terrace.  Today I made compliments; I admired things and enjoy my soul. I put a STOP to shopping until March (at least), so I didn’t even touch my wallet, just for food, drinks and walks. That’s it.

I have the good fortune to study in a grand park in central London, full of grass, with lots of squirrels, birds and fish.

When was the last time you fed the birds with crumbles; when was the last time you fed a small wild fish …? I’m sure it’s been a while.

Just stop for a moment, look around and see what you miss. You miss small things, things you can do without money, without cars, phones and without pretending. Get up from the chair you’ve been sitting for hours, go outside or step out of the car and oxygenate you heart and brain! It doesn’t take long. Break your routine for a few minutes, give up nerves and ignore messages. Look around, there is a big annoying fuss and we forget small things.  You are doing this for you and for your good humor.

Yes! I feel like living because I only have one life!

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