Today I’m on the men’s side

Men and women.

I should write novels or maybe write nothing and let the page blank. Knott Mutch wrote a book “Everything Men Know About Women” and let the pages blank. It was crazily successful; it was sold in the whole world, although practically his book contained nothing – not even a single word. He chose the easy way, to look at things from their angle. If the title of the book was “Everything Women Know About Men”, ohooo…we would have been reading it today: part 1, part 2….part n. Women always have thousands of interpretations, today they think in a way, tomorrow brings a change and the day after tomorrow they will have reached the final conclusion: I was right when I felt this. I am a woman so I fit into this category.

Men – bless their hearts – have to things that love the most in this world: women (sex) and money (power). There are some exceptions too because there are black sheep in every flock.

To have a powerful woman by their side they usually need strength and to have strength they need a powerful woman. I will not talk about that expression about women and necks because I find it uncomfortable. So, how does it work?

I like stories so much that I spent lots of minutes on the phone when I have the chance, or at a party, or having a drink with people I care for – more or less familiar to me. I listen, ask questions (sometimes too much …I know), I am very curious and I want to know everything. Details, as much details as possible!


Men, in their own way (hard to get) categorize women. They say they do this very quickly, on the first sight or even on the first eye contact: one night stand, fuck buddies, long relationship or forever. Most enter in the first category. One night, crazy sex, a lot of passion and that’s it. Probably the process of conviction lasts long, she hangs on and plays the nice girl (not that she is, God forbid):“I don’t sleep with someone on the first date”, “You are the third one and I don’t want to have more”. She has two or three drinks, gets a little turned on and forgets all about what she has said a couple of minutes before. She jumps on him, forgets all about principles and hop-top “my place or your place…or better yet let’s go to a hotel”. The man– the most romantic and careful. He opens the door for her, what more can I say … a true gentleman. (My darling you were struck by luck).  He orders expensive drinks and he also promises you breakfast in bed for the next day. You are ecstatic and surrender (literally and figuratively). He holds you the entire night and you feel his pulse. The next day his phone rings and he has to leave a.s.a.p. He dresses in a hurry, kisses you sensually and … “I’ll call you later”. What a nice story which started on the wrong foot.

Even before getting to pull the door he forgot the lady’s name. He left his phone number because he felt responsible or maybe just because he wanted to. She has already started to call her friends, to think: “Ahh…he touched me in a way”, “He told me he had never had one like me before” (Heloooo. Wake up). She makes plans, watches her phone – maybe, just maybe he will send her a message. She calculates his time: “He must have gotten home by now, maybe he showers, eats … I should receive a message at x o’clock”. She thinks about him so much, while he forgot about her and relaxes until starting to search for another victim.

There is a chance that he liked the way you moved so much that you go to the next level: fuck buddies. He keeps you in stand-by, he knows you are desperate and you drive him crazy with the texts you send, but he likes – the way you do your thing, don’t think of something else. We can’t consider men are without feelings, because this is not true. He takes you out to dinner, he introduces you to a friend – you start to fall in love with him. You want more, you want pictures on Facebook, you want to go with him to a party, you want nice and sexy texts, because you started to send him some – and all you get is: “Send me another picture of you, I’m beginning to miss you”. Wait, wait, and don’t be blocked. He does not want a picture of you sitting in your office or with you and your friends having a coffee – he wants to see you as you are: naked. You do this too, because you dream of having a relationship with him. Sometimes you lie to yourself and you lie to your friends. You make up a story in your mind, a story you have seen in a movie or something, too far from reality. You either accept what you are and ask for more or you stop. I have never heard about a man building a relationship with the woman he fucks from time to time. Maybe I don’t know enough men. So, honey, stop dreaming and chasing the wild goose – you can’t be more than you already are, after so much time you accepted this statute. It is possible that happy endings exist, we have all seen Cinderella (sex was not so much a fashion those days).


“I fell in love”. This is starting to get interesting. I like to see a man gone crazy, in love and capable of doing anything – for her. He dreams of her, he desires her, he simply wants her. She is the perfect one, and she is full of qualities. She can make him forget all about the things around just for a night a week. There is no one else, only one. It’s that thing that goes beyond the appearance and sees within. A woman can fall in love on the first talk but for a man it is more difficult. A man in love is like a star in the sky – it shines, it radiates and it becomes obvious. He would give everything – any time, any way and in any circumstances. And if she deserves it, why not? Don’t think of what would happen if she doesn’t deserve it because he is the only one to decide. Only now he goes from sex to love, from feeling to touching, from liking to loving. She becomes the number one priority in any situation. All friends and relatives know her, he puts her picture everywhere, accepts her exactly as she is and he is never afraid of anything. He has her on his side and it’s enough. He doesn’t want a thing, doesn’t need a thing: long relationship or forever.

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