It’s quiet. I’m all alone in the house. I turn on the music and start writing. Silence scares me and darkness, in particular. I always see shadows and I imagine sorts and sorts of stuff. Weird …I love night time as much as day time…but I shall not let my imagination run wild, or I shall go crazy. In the dark, there’s always silence and fear. Fear comes from within, with our eyes closed, with no light, we jump out of our skin. We feel different, our emotion rises, our body shivers, and everything gets narrower. We have the tendency to cover ourselves, to hide. Of whom? There’s no one, it’s just our thought and the world we have created. Something’s moving, walking, appears on the wall. You’re scared, you’re scared of silence, there’s too much of it. You keep on fighting to be strong and resist it. You immerse your head in your pillow and try to fall asleep. However you can’t, it’s as if there’s something that can be heard in the terrible silence in your home. You are dreaming, denying it, you just don’t want to accept it. But your soul still shivers, your heart is pounding, much too fast, you tend to become smaller and smaller. With your knees tight, your chin in your chest, your hands above your head. You start praying and waiting. You count the seconds, waiting for this to pass. What exactly should pass? There’s nothing there.




Why don’t you wake up? Turn on the lights.

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