That’s it, it’s weekend. I put my bag on my shoulder and left. I want to enjoy every single minute in this town, every single building. Even if it’s stuffily hot, almost 45 degrees, I can’t be bothered. I’m going to Xintiandi. A place full of terraces, no cars whatsoever. It’s the nicest place in Shanghai in my opinion. I’ll get myself a coffee and sit down on the terrace, pull the fan close to me, put my glasses on and start watching. There are so many people passing by. Some take a walk, others are in a hurry. There are also small groups which try to decide on what restaurant they are to sit down at. It’s so hot, but this is no problem for them. What I love the most is to choose my corner, to seem invisible and start analyzing. Everyone has a story, a certain happiness, a certain grief. Feelings are the same, regardless of people’s nationality, height, wages or attitude. I can descipher some of them more easily. But the complicated ones are those who are more interesting. We all hide things, expose what we want, claim how we wish. But I’ve always said that body language says more than 1000 words. Each individual has his gestures, his own way of expressing his feelings, but in quite a large number we all have the same expressions for showing our inner state.

I love looking at couples. I find it so easy to notice the connection between them. She is looking into his eyes, caresses him slowly, he has one hand on the phone, with his eyes looking in the opposite direction.  I don’t like it. I think of the desire inside her soul. She has expectations that are too high and he is just absent in this entire scenario. It may be only my imagination and the way how I wish to see them, anyway I am looking somewhere else. At every table, there are 2, 3, 4 or even 5 people. I am the only one who is alone. I wonder what they thought of me? Or maybe they have not even noticed me.

My attention is drawn by two young children, a little girl and a little boy. I’m trying to guess what they think, at this early age. I was once like them as well, and I would have liked to be able to remember. They don’t pay attention to anything, the sun, the crowd….they simply play, run holding hands to try and catch a ballon. Sounds like fun, I wished I could give it a go.

I find it funny, exciting and interesting to stop for a while from the real film of life and to watch from the outside, from a corner.

I wish I could run and catch a ballon as well!.

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