You and the rest

Me and my roads. I finally sat down on my sofa, poured a glass of wine, took my laptop on my lap and started to write. I have a good book next to me, one which is just waiting for me to open. It feels so good to write again and, even after such a long and tiring day with over 500 km from one city to another, I still don’t feel even a little bit tired. Writing is simply relaxing me.


Yesterday I went to Bacau. Even if I only stayed there for just a little while, I felt really great. It seemed I simply disconnected from the real world and it was only me and her in our own world, one which we create as we feel like it. She is nothing more and nothing less but my soul mate. We talk about anything, anytime, anyhow. We haven’t known each other for long, but it seems I just know her better than anyone else does, and the same goes for her as well. It is with her that I can discuss about the sun, the moon, bags, shoes, feelings, politics, family, the horoscope, anything, absulutely anything. They say soul mates have lived their own story some time in the past, in one of their previous lives and they meet at present so that they can fulfill some things that have left unfinished at that point in the past. During our lives, we come across hundreds or even thousands of people. Simpathies, antipathies, attractions and rejections, all the aforementioned take place in our soul and in our mind in relation to these people that come into and go out of our lives every single day. We create a series of relationships: family, friendly, amicable, need – based and pleasure or obligation – based relationships. Each such relationship with another person has a certain type of significance, a certain explanation. Most of these relationships meet the category of karmic relationships. Just like nothing is at random, every single friend, relative, or enemy plays a certain role in our life. First of all, knowledge means evolution, both in terms of one’s soul and in terms of one’s mind. You learn how to discern, how to analyze, criticize, accept, deny and most of all, you learn how to judge. It wasn’t seldom that I have judged somebody and after that I got to be in that person’s shoes. How and why do we judge? All this process does not take place at a conscious level, but it is an impulsive feeling. We even choose our group of friends by making such judgements, subject to various criteria we have in our subconsciousness. Even on socializing websites, we make choices as to whether we should become friends or not with someone, following a brief judging process that takes place in our mind. I tend to believe that one cannot give an explanation as to the way how we make our choices, or as to how we keep or remove something or someone from our lives. We don’t even know if it’s good or bad, all we do know is that we need to do this in order to create the comfort we need. That’s precisely why some friendships break up after a number of years, that’s why marriages break up, or partnerships give way. The time I started judging has been too brief or has been captured by other more tangible or more material matters. We often misjudge, leaving the first impression to blind us and leaving our complexes overwhelm us and cloud our judgement. Due to emotions and frustrations we cannot think clear and we let our nerves or our exstasy surface.


The best thing would be for us never to judge again, because you never know when you may find yourself in the position when you breach upon your own principles, in a situation that you blamed a few moments in time. This is a very hard thing to do and, no matter how much I have lately set my mind not to do so, I’m still doing it. Maybe I haven’t yet reached the maturity I need in order to be able to be objective. We choose to do what is right and not to do what is wrong. But at the same time, who is the one deciding such things? On what grounds do we differentiate right from wrong?


And since every single action begins with one single thought, I just hope that in your mind there shall develop a feeling of trying not to judge as much as you used to, as well as the wish to develop, together with your soul mates. Try and accept things the way they are, with no comparison, no inferiority or superiority whatsoever. Try to find your karmic role on earth. Learn, accept…

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